Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 11. února 2019

23:36:42 BUSDRIVER Unemployed Black Astronaut (Nobody Remix)
23:31:49 BUSDRIVER Electricity Is On Our Side
23:23:49 IDEA Dveře
23:20:16 BUSDRIVER Thumbs - MUCH (prod. by Kenny Segal x Mike Parvizi x MrCarmack)
23:20:15 BUSDRIVER Thumbs - MUCH (prod. by Kenny Segal x Mike Parvizi x MrCarmack)
23:14:57 BUSDRIVER Thumbs - Worlds to Run feat. milo and Anderson .Paak (prod by Kenny Segal)
23:08:46 BUSDRIVER The Year I Became a Mutherfuckin G feat dntel and lorde fredd33
23:06:22 ELOS Not the best feat Milo and Busdriver
23:01:57 HER Against Me
23:01:54 BUSDRIVER Gun Control
23:01:42 BUSDRIVER Jeane Anthon yfeat Fumitake Tamura
22:57:17 HER Against Me
22:54:07 CARDI B I Do (feat. SZA)
22:51:20 SWINDLE Drill Work
22:46:13 JIO But She Fine
22:43:17 AM Attempted
22:40:40 1011 Next Up (feat. 1011) [Part 1]
22:37:45 AM Attempted
22:35:12 JASE HARLEY October (Season of the Witch)
22:28:54 CHILDISH GAMBINO This Is America
22:25:39 JASE HARLEY American Pharaoh
22:21:58 CHILDISH GAMBINO This Is America
22:17:52 SB THE MOOR Hidden Temple (Ntuition)
22:14:28 ANDERSON PAAK Bubblin
22:06:44 BUSDRIVER Thumbs - Shadows and Victories w- by Jeremiah Jae
22:03:05 DOS MONOS In 20XX
21:55:24 YEARNING KRU Clotted Conscience
21:49:50 ERP Overcast
21:43:18 BENJAMIN DAMAGE Malfunction
21:39:24 XOSAR The Video
21:33:16 XOSAR The Possessor Possesses Nothing
21:26:33 XOSAR A Heart Encircled By A Serpent
21:21:31 RAIN TEXT 2.4
21:16:23 EARTAKER Ground Spider
21:13:11 OSHEYACK A River's Mouth
21:10:10 JIGGA Huemu
21:07:21 JIGGA Anyonyabhava
21:01:09 DEZ WILLIAMS Swollen
20:58:17 PO ZDI BLECHU HONIT Zkus startér
20:48:26 PORCELAINE PEOPLE Volunteer
20:41:32 NOISE DON'T CRY Promises
20:36:09 RUNABOUT Funeral Flowers
20:26:30 ŠAMANOVO ZBOŽÍ Kov o kov
20:20:21 PURPLEFOX TOWN Toadstool Tincture
20:08:58 THE JAY Caroline
20:01:29 HAPPY DOG Schizofrenic
19:55:27 LIZZO Juice
17:54:45 ALEXANDRA SAVIOR Shades
17:52:06 THE ROSEBUDS Blue Eyes