Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 30. ledna 2019

20:56:09 DUCKY Day Zero
20:51:46 BOBBY TANK Lockdown
20:45:08 KYO Trinity
20:41:08 PABLO DREAD Fyah Burnin
20:37:26 DIPLO Boom Bye Bye ft. Niska
20:34:57 COCO & BREEZY Differences (DJ Sliink Remix)
20:32:26 ALEX AUTAJON Don't Need U
20:29:55 ALEX AUTAJON Don't Need U (Ethyäne Remix)
20:24:43 MR. MITCH Closure
20:22:32 MR. MITCH Show Me (Demo Mix)
20:19:45 MR. MITCH Restart
20:15:35 TOMAS BARFOD Better Than I Would (rAHHH Remix)
20:13:18 JASO kiss goodbye (rAHHH remix)
20:10:03 SEGA BODEGA mimi
20:05:28 SHLOHMO The End
20:02:21 DEB NEVER In The Night ft. D33J
19:59:39 KINGSLEY IBENECHE To The Citadel
19:53:38 CASHMERE CAT Throw Myself a Party
19:49:44 SETH BOGART Plastic!
19:36:28 VAULTS Lifespan
19:31:49 FLEET FOXES Fool's Errand
19:20:14 FLOEX & TOM HODGE John Doe Arise (Max Cooper remix)
19:16:22 MOUNT KIMBIE Blue Train Lines ft. King Krule
19:04:12 LALI PUNA Being Water
19:00:37 SLUMBERJACK Enigma ft. GRRL PAL
18:55:09 CHILDISH GAMBINO This Is America
18:50:23 PLEASE THE TREES Infinite Dance
18:46:16 KEEP SHELLY IN ATHENS Recollection
18:33:00 HATER Fall Off
18:21:04 DOON KANDA Axolotl
18:11:29 FAT WHITE FAMILY Feet
18:02:10 KIIARA Gold
17:58:36 AUDIOBOOKS Kars
17:53:58 THE SHINS Phantom Limb
17:48:28 FOOLK One By One ft. Rowanna
17:42:35 !!! Must Be The Moon
17:38:13 SPRING KING Who Are You?
17:35:51 T-REXTASY Baby
17:31:53 MEW Witness
17:28:10 OUGHT These 3 Things
17:24:07 THE CLIENTELE Lunar Days
17:16:40 BLOOD ORANGE Best To You ft. Empress Of
17:06:42 LALI PUNA Being Water
16:55:52 LET'S EAT GRANDMA Hot Pink
16:52:32 PANDA BEAR Mr Noah
16:47:52 REDINHO Jacuzzi
16:43:37 CENDE What I Want ft. Frankie Cosmos
16:38:17 PAST Sama