Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 29. prosince 2018

21:53:51 HERBARIUM Šiškin Les (Dizzcock remix)
21:49:38 PRINCE OF TENNIS Does This Make You Feel Alright?
21:45:59 KILL J You’re Good But I’m Better
21:43:04 MEAT WAVE Cosmic Zoo
21:39:22 MOULLINEX Elsewhere
21:35:13 BONOBO Heaven For Sinner ft. Erykah Badu
21:30:42 ALEXANDRIA Glow
21:27:07 WILDCAT! WILDCAT! Garden Grays
21:23:44 NOIA Love Hack
21:20:55 ELYSIA CRAMPTON Children Of Hell ft. Chino Amobi
21:18:09 LOW No End
21:11:48 ZOMBY Float
21:09:23 SWET SHOP BOYS Thas My Girl
21:06:00 OPEN MIKE EAGLE 95 Radios ft. Has-Lo
21:02:21 DAVID BOWIE No Plan
20:59:24 KVĚTY Město
20:50:40 THE DODOS Confidence
20:46:45 PHANTOGRAM When I´m Small
20:42:37 ATREY Valkyrie ft. Dana Jean Phoenix
20:39:55 THE FINALLY Say Goodbye
20:35:23 NERO SCARTCH Ghost
20:32:28 DNÉ Like Physical (I Do Not Love remix)
20:29:55 TATA BOJS Jednotka Času
20:25:38 FKA TWIGS In Time
20:22:11 FIORDMOSS Motherland (Ziúr Remix)
20:19:44 J Home
20:14:48 SUUNS Translate
20:11:26 FLUME Sleepless ft. Jezzabell Doran
20:07:09 THE AVALANCHES Frankie Sinatra
20:03:48 ANGELO MOTA Internet
20:01:15 SIN FANG Only Eyes
17:57:49 FROG EYES Idea Man
17:53:30 NVMERI Scales
17:48:05 BAD GYAL Jacaranda
17:44:31 AUTRE NE VEUT World War Pt. 2
17:42:12 CUCO CR-V
17:36:37 TOMÁŠ PALUCHA Romulus
17:33:08 MILLIE TURNER Night Running
17:28:15 BATHS Disorderly
17:24:29 VAULTS Lifespan
17:15:50 LAURAN HIBBERD Call Shotgun
17:12:32 THE SOFT MOON Burn
17:07:50 GIRL RAY (I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas
17:00:58 JUNIOR BOYS Over It
16:56:39 SPORTING LIFE Court Vision feat. Evy Jane
16:53:03 KELLY LEE OWENS Anxi. (ft. Jenny Hval)
16:47:44 AMBER ARCADES Fading Lines
16:45:10 SWORDFISH Ghost Song