Playlist stanice Wave dne čtvrtek 20. prosince 2018

12:12:22 YOUNG DREAMS First Days of Something
12:08:01 T.R.U.C.E. Turn Off Time
11:56:43 RAE SREMMURD Powerglide ft. Juicy J
11:53:02 SLUMBERJACK Enigma ft. GRRL PAL
11:48:48 DUTCH UNCLES Oh Yeah
11:45:26 HALO MAUD Du Pouvoir
11:40:04 MARIE DAVIDSON Work It
11:26:27 GIRL RAY (I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas
11:17:44 KELELA Onanon
11:15:33 THROWING SHADE Hashtag IRL
11:09:44 HOUPACÍ KONĚ Hyde
11:04:54 THE COURTNEYS Tour
11:01:44 VAGABON Minneapolis
10:58:48 SPACE PHONE BOOTH We Are On Air
10:56:01 RADIATOR HOSPITAL Cheap Day
10:51:43 NVMERI Scales
10:46:24 HAYLEY KIYOKO Curious
10:42:38 PORCHES Find Me
10:39:12 AUTRE NE VEUT World War Pt. 2
10:35:48 DOWNTOWN BOYS Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas)
10:32:40 THE LEFT OUTSIDES Clothed In Ivy Obscured By Dust
10:28:29 KELSEY LU Due West
10:23:05 PURITY RING Push Pull
10:15:08 LOWER DENS To Die In L.A.
10:11:21 PANDOO Overnight
10:08:11 KYLE Playinwitme ft. Kehlani
10:04:55 SAILOR & I Leave the Light On
09:59:58 MADGE Fight Or Flight Club
09:55:43 BORIS CARLOFF Haunted
09:51:49 TOTAL CONTROL Future Creme
09:49:26 PJ HARVEY The Community Of Hope
09:46:55 DARREN EVE Carnival Queen
09:44:11 ROSALÍA Di Mi Nombre
09:38:59 GRIZZLY BEAR Three Rings
09:35:23 GENIUS LOCCI No, No
09:31:32 DJ EARL Smoking Reggie ft. MoonDoctor & OPN
09:27:05 MARK PRITCHARD Give It Your Choir (ft. Bibio)
09:23:10 ADULT Does The Body Know
09:19:32 JESTED Tribute To Le Corbusier
09:16:26 GALAXIE 500 Strange
09:11:23 VLOŽTE KOČKU Dvě nebo tři cesty
09:07:28 WHITNEY Golden Days
09:03:52 AMASON Alen
08:57:34 GANG GANG DANCE Lotus
08:53:48 TEEPEE Running Around
08:48:58 SHE DREW THE GUN Resister Reprise
08:45:04 BARO CHANDEL I Was So High
08:37:33 ALUNAGEORGE Bad Idea
08:32:53 PLANETY Kato