Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 15. prosince 2018

10:12:13 ASTROBAL Belle Comme La Nuit
10:07:56 GREAT PAGANS Renaissance
10:04:54 BULLY Too Tough
10:01:19 CAMP COPE The Opener
09:53:08 COLD COLD NIGHTS Never
09:48:11 KELSEY LU Due West
09:33:51 ZULA Not The Same
09:29:13 DIZZCOCK Thugger
09:26:04 BEAT SPACEK Modern Streets
09:16:50 THE SPOOK SCHOOL I Want To Kiss You
09:14:00 HATER Cry Later
09:10:30 GOOD TIMES ONLY Někdy jsme to my
09:06:19 AALIYAH We Need A Resolution
09:01:45 LINDSTROM Bungl (Like A Ghost) ft. Jenny Hval
08:57:11 BATHS Disorderly
08:53:16 BALI BABY Few Things
08:49:46 ONNI BOI AlrightNo
08:44:44 MORO Ezra Entrena El Bumbum (Moro Midflight edit)
08:40:51 MAYA PAYNE If Only
08:36:46 KACEY MUSGRAVES High Horse
08:33:33 SALTWATER SUN Making Eyes
08:27:33 MR. MITCH VPN ft. Palmistry
08:22:23 PORTER ROBINSON Sad Machine
08:18:57 BBYMUTHA Sailor Goon
08:14:38 BEACH BABY No Mind No Money
08:12:01 CHAIN CULT Isolated
08:08:08 KILL J You’re Good But I’m Better
08:05:19 DORIS PINE Youth (Diamonds)
08:02:06 MAI LAN Technique
07:58:18 HOORAY FOR EARTH Keys
07:55:49 SLOWMOTIONDANCER Adulthood
07:52:05 SKY LARKIN Overgrown (Dreamtrak Version)
07:47:23 GROUPLOVE Ways To Go
07:44:50 NIERIKA Crystal
07:40:39 BAIO Sister Of Pearl
07:38:35 PLAYBOI CARTI Old Money
07:35:25 MIHLE Trip
07:31:38 FRED MADISON Woman
07:27:30 EERA White Water
07:23:00 B4 Die Mitternachtsmaus/Půlnoční myš
07:19:20 VAULTS Lifespan
07:16:27 IDA NIELSEN Disco Dislocation ft. Liv Warfield & Shelby J
07:13:31 ANDERSON PAAK Come Down
07:10:17 THE STREETS When You Wasn´t Famous
07:08:17 TACOCAT I Hate The Weekend
07:05:14 DIVINE FITS Chained To Love
06:57:31 BUY HER SUGAR Waiting
06:53:43 MAJICAL CLOUDZ Childhood´s End
06:51:08 ARISTOPHANES Dreams Of Caves ft. Tien
06:47:19 HOUPACÍ KONĚ Vypučený byty (RWLS Live)