Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 24. října 2018

20:57:33 KORNÉL KOVÁCS Pantalón
20:53:35 813 Tropicana (Feat. Della)
20:49:50 SWICK M1 Stinger
20:45:50 SWICK Send Me The Money (feat. Capo Lee)
20:42:40 SWICK Bum Bum Riddim
20:39:45 SWICK Mfana (feat. Kamohelo & Savage Skulls)
20:35:36 SWICK Everywhere
20:31:29 HI TOM Off (feat. Luvocean)
20:29:13 BAAUER Company (ft. Soleima)
20:26:12 OMAR DURO shabba or nah (omar duro edit)
20:22:59 LEONCE Versiegen
20:20:20 DJ LYCOX Las Palmas De Un Desgraciado
20:14:58 MORGAN HISLOP Watch As My Ceramics Crumble (CHAMBRAY Remix)
20:09:30 JACQUES GREENE Avatar Beach
20:06:05 ROSS FROM FRIENDS Squaz
19:59:39 ENSEMBLE ENTENDU Time Is Certainly Passing
19:54:33 AT THE DRIVE-IN Pattern Against User
19:49:01 JAMES BLAKE Love What Happened Here
19:46:09 IDA NIELSEN Disco Dislocation ft. Liv Warfield & Shelby J
19:30:33 SILVER SPRINGS Shelter Love
19:26:36 BANKS Crowded Places
19:15:58 ANGEL OLSEN Give It Up
19:12:59 TALA On My Own In Hua Hin
19:09:18 GAL COSTA Cuidando De Longe ft. Marilia Mendonca
19:00:07 ATREY Given Blood
17:57:42 RADIATOR HOSPITAL Cheap Day
17:54:06 DAVID BOWIE No Plan
17:49:05 AURORA Churchyard
17:45:36 ANDERSON PAAK Bubblin
17:41:55 MARGO A Well Traveled Gentleman Mr. Partesh Having a Drink On The 96th Floor, What a View!
17:36:53 LYSSA Zrádce
17:29:03 PAST Sama
17:18:26 SCENIC Ride The Thrill
17:09:27 SHARON VAN ETTEN Comeback Kid
17:00:26 PIQI MIQI Oh Bibi
16:56:20 SZA Drew Barrymore
16:53:58 MUNNYCAT BOOM!!
16:50:34 YOUTH LAGOON The Knower
16:41:35 PINKSHINYULTRABLAST In The Hanging Gardens
16:38:52 THE MANTLES Hate To See You Go
16:34:03 PION Sympacide
16:31:11 ELHEIST Matter Of Fact - Not That Easy
16:26:33 PACINO Kraj
16:23:14 SZYMON Medusa
16:14:43 HECTA Till Someone Gets Hurt
16:12:20 YAYOYANOH Teletubby
16:08:09 GREAT PAGANS Renaissance
16:03:36 PHOENIX J-Boy
15:56:43 ANNA BURCH Tea-Soaked Letter