Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 13. října 2018

10:56:36 SMERZ Have Fun
10:53:10 IDYLL Bad Boi
10:46:46 THE NATIONAL Day I Die
10:43:03 SUEDE Life Is Golden
10:37:58 CHARLI XCX Babygirl ft. Uffie
10:34:06 MAYA PAYNE If Only
10:27:54 ARCTIC MONKEYS Four Out Of Five
10:24:44 DOROTHY Raise Hell
10:17:59 KUBATKO Dál
10:17:59 KUBATKO Dál
10:14:06 BROKEN BELLS Holding On For Life
10:10:06 GAL COSTA Cuidando De Longe ft. Marilia Mendonca
10:06:45 THE SOFT MOON Burn
10:02:42 MAGAZINE Philadelphia
09:59:21 RINA MUSHONGA Jungles
09:55:39 SOAK B A NoBody
09:51:40 SVĚTLO Interpol
09:51:40 SVÄšTLO Interpol
09:48:22 KASSASSIN STREET Yeah It's On
09:43:43 VINCE STAPLES Yeah Right ft. Kendrick Lamar & Kučka
09:43:43 VINCE STAPLES Yeah Right ft. Kendrick Lamar & Kučka
09:39:21 JAMES BLAKE I Need A Forest Fire ft. Bon Iver
09:34:46 HUNNY Cry For Me
09:31:38 ETTE ENAKA Paralyzed, Paranoid
09:27:23 ARCA Desafío
09:27:23 ARCA Desafío
09:23:30 AMNESIA SCANNER As Chaos ft. Pan Daijing
09:12:31 AMBER COFFMAN All To Myself
09:09:01 ARABROT Maldoror's Love
09:05:36 HANNE HUKKELBERG The Whip
09:00:38 BRATŘI Manual
09:00:38 BRATŘI Manual
08:57:27 BILAL Satellites
08:53:57 JIMMY PÉ Wacho (ft. Ashley Abrman)
08:53:57 JIMMY PÉ Wacho (ft. Ashley Abrman)
08:38:34 KODIE SHANE Full Clip ft. Lil Whop
08:34:07 MARIE DAVIDSON Work It
08:32:37 DANIEL AVERY Clear
08:28:32 NYLON JAIL Freezing - Point
08:23:42 CIGARETTES AFTER SEX Each Time You Fall In Love
08:17:15 TOKIMONSTA Sore
08:13:28 MAGGIE ROGERS Give A Little
08:09:14 MANON MEURT Figure It Out
08:05:57 SNEAKS Look Like That
07:57:58 KATY B What Love Is Made Of
07:55:31 BILEJ KLUK The Club SX
07:55:31 BÍLEJ KLUK The Club SX
07:52:05 WEEZER Thank God For Girls
07:48:32 ALT-J Every Other Freckle