Playlist stanice Wave dne čtvrtek 11. října 2018

06:22:39 GWERKOVA White Lies
06:18:44 JUNIP Your Life, Your Call
06:15:39 POPSTRANGERS Rats In The Palm Tree
06:08:54 RUN THE JEWELS Blockbuster Night pt.1
06:06:25 LIL UZI VERT XO Tour Llif3
06:03:23 EUGENE MCGUINNESS Fairlight
05:59:36 GIRL BAND Pears For Lunch
05:55:54 BUY HER SUGAR Waiting
05:51:14 BLONDE REDHEAD Here Sometimes
05:47:34 RAURY Devil's Whisper
05:44:26 FUZZY2102 Nikola
05:41:24 WILCO Heavy Metal Drummer
05:38:33 MONIKINO KINO Sedím doma
05:38:33 MONIKINO KINO Sedím doma
05:31:38 COMMUNIONS Summer’s Oath
05:31:38 COMMUNIONS Summer’s Oath
05:27:50 INK MIDGET Luvly Rituals
05:24:04 RYN WEAVER The Fool
05:19:29 TATA BOJS Sonda
05:16:25 MAZES Astigmatism
05:12:36 PRIMAL SCREAM Some Velvet Morning ft. Kate Moss
05:09:31 PODPULTURA Dr. Giger
05:06:18 DENZEL CURRY Percs
05:02:47 LOS CAMPESINOS! What Death Leaves Behind
04:59:24 FAUN FABLES Parade
04:56:01 KELLY LEE OWENS Lucid
04:53:21 KWEKU COLLINS Ghost
04:50:21 IDK No Wave Feat. Denzel Curry
04:46:52 COBRA KILLER L.A. Shaker
04:43:05 THE BIG PINK High Times
04:43:05 THE BIG PINK High Tímes
04:39:19 THE MARY ONETTES Evil Coast
04:34:45 BIG DATA Dangerous ft. Joywave
04:30:47 CULLEN OMORI Cinnamon
04:22:00 FOOLK Automatic Happiness
04:18:58 KATE TEMPEST The Beigeness
04:14:14 DREAM POLICE Hypnotized
04:11:21 THE STROKES You Only Live Once
04:07:26 OF MONTREAL Dour Percentage
04:01:51 THE KNIFE Marble House
03:58:22 DUM DUM GIRLS Lost Boys and Girls Club
03:55:16 THE STRANGE BOYS Me And You
03:48:15 GHOSTPOET Off Peak Dreams
03:46:13 WHARFWHIT Under My Breath ft. Devenny & Sörca
03:46:13 WHARFWHIT Under My Breath ft. Devenny & Sörca
03:43:12 THE BLACK KEYS Next Girl
03:40:09 DIVINE FITS Chained To Love
03:35:46 FUTURE ISLANDS Beach Foam