Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 10. října 2018

11:53:30 COLD LEATHER Nightmare
11:50:22 GENGAHR Bathed in Light
11:45:41 TROYE SIVAN My My My
11:38:24 LET'S EAT GRANDMA It's Not Just Me
11:35:03 YOUNG THUG High ft. Elton John
11:32:00 REDINHO Jacuzzi
11:29:11 G?GGS She Got Harder
11:26:01 ALVVAYS In Undertow
11:23:01 PRINCE RAMA Bahia
11:12:35 MAHALIA No Pressure
11:01:33 BICEP Glue
10:57:53 VICENA Shot In We're
10:54:51 CARLIE HANSON Mood
10:51:41 BEAT SPACEK Modern Streets
10:45:41 TIRZAH Devotion ft. Coby Sey
10:41:18 MARIE DAVIDSON Work It
10:34:26 CHAIN AND THE GANG I Hate Winners
10:30:43 FIELD MUSIC Count It Up
10:26:52 CAT POWER Stay
10:19:26 AMBER MARK Love Me Right
10:15:31 YOUNG KARIN Sirens
10:12:13 DANIEL T. Master Plan
10:07:27 PEACH KELLI POP Mindreader
10:03:34 BLACK HOLE AW
09:57:05 LANA DEL REY West Coast
09:55:28 HEALTH Crimewave
09:49:51 TEEPEE Running Around
09:45:58 FLUME Tiny Cities ft. Beck
09:42:09 MO Final Song
09:35:42 IDLES Samaritans
09:31:53 MANON MEURT Figure It Out
09:26:57 ONNI BOI AlrightNo
09:24:26 REDDISH BLU When I Get Too Sad
09:18:43 HALO MAUD Du Pouvoir
09:15:08 GAL COSTA Cuidando De Longe ft. Marilia Mendonca
09:11:11 THE HOTELIER Two Deliverances
09:06:15 THE XX On Hold
09:01:53 PHORIA Everything Beta
08:58:33 MIHLE Trip
08:54:47 EQUIKNOXX MUSIC Bubble ft. Devid Di Dakta
08:52:20 MADAME PEPPER #uaintluv ft. Hey!zeus
08:46:27 GOOD TIMES ONLY Někdy jsme to my
08:46:27 GOOD TIMES ONLY Někdy jsme to my
08:43:45 GROOMS I Think We´re Alone Now
08:43:45 GROOMS I Think We´re Alone Now
08:38:21 FROPLES The City
08:35:38 SOFI TUKKER Johny
08:31:51 SUPERORGANISM It's All Good