Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 8. října 2018

05:15:08 SON LUX You Don't Own Me (ft. Hanna Benn)
05:12:12 COUCOU CHLOE Stamina
05:09:19 KORBEN DALLAS Pokušenia
05:06:23 MEAT WAVE Cosmic Zoo
05:03:23 CHARLI XCX What I Like
04:56:03 LITTLE SIMZ Good For What
04:48:57 THE SOFT MOON Tiny Spiders
04:46:12 CLINIC Bubblegum
04:43:38 ARISTOPHANES Dreams Of Caves ft. Tien
04:39:30 KANYE WEST Real Friends
04:36:35 LIL SKIES Cloudy Skies
04:32:08 QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Make It Wit Chu
04:28:46 ROYAL TONGUES Chasing Down A Feeling
04:25:41 KITTENS OF THE INTERNET Living a Dream
04:22:24 BATHS Pop Song
04:19:12 INTERPOL C´Mere
04:16:18 THE LIBERTINES Gunga Din
04:11:57 DJ SHADOW Midnight In A Perfect World
04:08:21 SPACE LOVE Hologram
04:04:48 SPOON Don´t You Evah
04:01:11 CLOUD CONTROL Scar
03:57:25 ZERO 7 On My Own ft. Danny Pratt (edit)
03:53:40 POSTILJONEN When All The Wild Things Die
03:47:33 KENDRICK LAMAR untitled 03 | 05.28.2013.
03:45:08 YUNG PINCH Big Checks ft. YG
03:40:22 THE DODOS Confidence
03:36:49 AMASON Alen
03:33:56 RYAN HEMSWORTH Based World
03:30:35 THE WEEKND Can't Feel My Face
03:28:08 NIERIKA Crystal
03:24:46 PALE HONEY Lonesome
03:22:07 CHELSEA WOLFE Vex
03:17:58 THE BELLE GAME River
03:14:10 COCOROSIE Rainbowarriors
03:10:33 RAC This Song ft. Rostam
03:07:12 WILD TIDES Working on the Highway of Love
03:04:46 THE CRIBS You Were Always The One
03:01:28 BOSSY LOVE Go Deeper
02:57:52 LED ER EST Kaiyo Maru
02:54:32 THE STRANGE BOYS Me And You
02:51:03 FIORDMOSS Motherland (Ziúr Remix)
02:46:09 ASAP MOB Yamborghini High ft. Juicy J
02:41:40 88RISING Midsummer Madness
02:38:36 THE BLACK KEYS Next Girl
02:35:08 THE VERY BEST Let Go
02:32:27 TWO FINGERS Snap
02:27:22 SOLOMON GREY Electric Baby
02:23:48 FRANZ FERDINAND Do You Want To