Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 27. srpna 2018

01:31:51 AID KID Broken Arp
01:28:11 THE SMASHING PUMPKINS Being Beige
01:24:56 SZYMON Medusa
01:20:29 AWALI Strong White Wings
01:13:06 WILL BUTLER Take My Side
01:04:43 APOLLINAIRE Ice
00:57:52 THE STROKES All The Time
00:54:18 TUNJI IGE Bring Your Friends
00:51:47 PUSHA T Numbers On The Boards
00:48:34 APART ASIDE Oh, Tambourine
00:44:56 MISUN June ft. Gil The Kid
00:41:20 THE MARY ONETTES Silence Is A Gun
00:35:20 OF MONTREAL Coquet Coquette
00:32:17 CATE LE BON Rock Pool
00:28:23 LIGHTNING GLOVE Necropolis (edit)
00:23:55 OF MONTREAL Dour Percentage
00:20:05 HOWLING BELLS Setting Sun
00:15:40 THURSTON MOORE The Best Day
00:11:46 CUT COPY In These Arms Of Love
00:07:17 LANA DEL REY Video Games