Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 6. srpna 2018

01:31:52 PAPA Young Rut
01:28:22 DERADOORIAN A Beautiful Woman
01:24:28 FOR YOU KATRINA Stood Here
01:21:07 LOWELL I Love You Money
01:17:13 BARRY ADAMSON You Sold Your Dreams
01:12:50 HOORAY FOR EARTH Never
01:08:22 BAT FOR LASHES Glass
01:04:52 BATHS Lovely Bloodflow
01:01:55 MIHLE Trip
00:57:18 SMACK Temno ft. Sifon
00:52:47 88RISING Midsummer Madness
00:48:18 QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Make It Wit Chu
00:44:43 HAZEL ENGLISH Fix
00:40:55 JOHN LEGEND Made to Love
00:36:22 THE KNIFE A Tooth For An Eye
00:32:38 HOWLING BELLS Setting Sun
00:25:45 LORENZO SENNI Win In The Flat World
00:21:21 SHURA Just Once
00:17:51 ART BRUT Direct Hit
00:14:19 SUNBOY A.B.C.D.N.A.
00:09:10 JANELLE MONÁE Q.U.E.E.N. ft. Erykah Badu
00:05:59 LISTOLET Lullaby (Boris Carloff Remix)