Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 30. července 2018

01:54:41 MICK JENKINS Jazz
01:51:42 IDK No Wave Feat. Denzel Curry
01:47:50 KATE NASH Foundations
01:43:01 DOUGLAS DARE New York
01:38:28 FOUR TET Moma
01:34:06 KOCHGARDEN Dice Is Cast
01:30:02 COLD WAR KIDS We Used To Vacation
01:27:01 TITLE FIGHT Chlorine
01:23:49 BEATY HEART Flora
01:18:22 JAMES BLAKE Love What Happened Here
01:15:47 THE STROKES All The Time
01:12:38 INTERPOL C´Mere
01:05:49 DIE ALTEN MASCHINEN Albatross
01:02:35 THE STRANGE BOYS Me And You
00:59:32 FUZZY2102 Nikola
00:55:46 AMNESIA SCANNER As Chaos ft. Pan Daijing
00:51:48 YOUNG THUG Wyclef Jean
00:48:39 LIL UZI VERT Money Longer
00:44:49 THE LIBERTINES What Katie Did
00:41:11 ARDYN Help Me On My Way
00:35:48 MAJESTYY Spirits Touch
00:33:46 HOSPITALITY Betty Wang
00:30:14 HAND HABITS Flower Glass
00:25:27 FLOEX & TOM HODGE John Doe Arise (Max Cooper remix)
00:22:26 KATE TEMPEST The Beigeness
00:17:45 DREAM POLICE Hypnotized
00:13:51 LOW Try to Sleep
00:10:19 MIIKE SNOW Heart Is Full
00:05:59 KATE BOY In Your Eyes