Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 30. července 2018

21:53:38 KHIDJA Kraftfeld
21:48:39 PAN DAIJING The Island Within
21:42:05 VARG I'll Cry The End Of The Day, Not With Fresh Makeup
21:38:05 STANISLAV TOLKACHEV You Spoil Everything
21:33:36 XOSAR Hordak's Slime Pit
21:20:34 TOM TRAGO Morph
21:16:19 BETONKUST & PALMBOMEN II Smerig Eiland
21:00:09 TANGERINE DREAM Sensing Elements
20:54:35 GOOD TIMES ONLY Letní třešně bejvaj nejsladší
18:52:56 YO LA TENGO For You Too
18:49:50 VIVIAN GIRLS Where Do You Run To
18:44:12 VIRGINIA WING The Second Shift
18:31:38 SLOWDIVE Star Roving
18:20:00 NICOLAS JAAR Space Is Only Noise If You Can See
18:10:59 KALLE Felid
18:00:45 !!! Sick Ass Moon
17:56:47 RADICAL MIRACLE The Glare We Ain't Used To
17:54:41 PEACH KELLI POP Plastic Love
17:50:16 ICEAGE Pain Killer ft. Sky Ferreira
17:47:15 LIZZO Boys
17:42:38 AWALI Strong White Wings
17:39:57 BEAT SPACEK I Wanna Know
17:35:25 POM POKO Jazz Baby
17:31:39 DAMS OF THE WEST Death Wish
17:19:54 INSECURE MEN Teenage Toy
17:00:25 KATIE DEY Darkness
16:56:53 SAILOR & I Leave the Light On
16:53:17 MONT OLIVER 19
16:47:13 PINKSHINYULTRABLAST In The Hanging Gardens
16:45:31 FAILED FLOWERS Summer Vacation
16:39:41 CHARLI XCX Babygirl ft. Uffie
16:34:52 DIE ANTWOORD 2 Golden Dawn 7
16:30:40 SCHOOL SoLong
16:26:52 SHE-DEVILS The World Laughs
16:17:26 KEVIN GEORGE My Crew
16:13:02 GEORGE FITZGERALD Call It Love (If You Want To) ft. Lawrence Hart
16:09:41 GABRIELLA COHEN Music Machine
16:04:03 DUKLA I. P. Pavlova
16:00:39 MAC DEMARCO On The Level
15:57:38 PIQI MIQI Oh Bibi
15:53:38 HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT Knobheads On Quiz Shows
15:50:24 WOODS Tambourine Light
15:45:27 RHYE Song For You
15:41:27 CONWAY Sudden Dawn
15:36:03 SLOWDIVE Star Roving
15:32:25 POPCAAN Silence
15:28:05 S-TYPE NYE
15:24:55 SPACE LOVE Hologram