Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 11. června 2018

23:56:48 GAIKA Crown Key
23:54:24 EARTHEATER MMXXX ft. Moor Mother
23:49:23 BUSDRIVER Electricity Is On Our Side
23:43:13 BUSDRIVER The Year I Became a Mutherfuckin G feat dntel and lorde fredd33
23:39:45 SERPENTWITHFEET seedless
23:38:26 THE MIDNIGHT HOUR So Amazing feat Luther Vandross
23:35:37 THE MIDNIGHT HOUR So Amazing feat Luther Vandross
23:25:51 THE LAST POETS Beyonder part 1
23:24:32 LIGHTNIN ROD Spoon
23:20:30 LIGHTNIN ROD Hammocks Hall Was Bigs
23:17:20 LIGHTNING ROD The Break Was So Loud It Hushed The Crowds
23:17:14 The Coup I Aint The Nigga
23:10:42 LIGHTNIN ROD Sport
23:03:13 SAUL WILLIAMS Niggy Tardust
22:58:34 THE LAST POETS Its a Trip
22:57:41 LIGHTNING ROD The Break Was So Loud It Hushed The Crowds
22:55:19 JIMI HENDRIX Doriella du Fontaine ft Lightnin Rod Buddy Miles
22:53:43 THE LAST POETS On The Subway
22:49:53 SHABAZZ PALACES Forerunner Foray
22:47:23 THE LAST POETS Black Is
22:37:38 THE LAST POETS Understand What Black Is
22:29:02 THE LAST POETS Jazzoetry
22:19:48 THE LAST POETS Niggers Are Scared of Revolution
22:13:02 THE LAST POETS When The Revolution Comes
22:03:50 JALAL NURIDDIN Mankind
21:57:26 SUNIL SHARPE Loose (Burn Down)
21:49:35 LUCY Starving The Mind
21:44:24 SILENT SERVANT Defiant Pose
21:41:01 KABLAM Arch
21:35:43 CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA Whiteland
21:35:42 CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA Whiteland
21:31:55 THE BLACK DOG Anticipation Occupation
21:23:51 THE BLACK DOG Solipsism
21:20:05 THE BLACK DOG FEAT EMIKA Tell Me What You Remember
21:15:43 THE BLACK DOG Out Of Reach
21:12:46 THE BLACK DOG Cognitive Dissident
21:08:14 PEDER MANNERFELT Shining Beacons Of Light
21:02:26 BUTTECHNO 808 Mod Cutz
20:58:00 SMILE Two Is Better Than One
20:50:54 GOOD TIMES ONLY Letní třešně bejvaj nejsladší
20:42:57 STEREOFOX Distortions
20:35:11 PURPLEFOX TOWN Quagmire
20:28:04 JAY DELVER Piece Of Love
20:20:04 THE VALENTINES Just Us
20:10:31 BRANKO'S BRIDGE Halfway to Nowhere
20:04:32 MERS Stop In Your Eyes
19:56:46 MNEK Colour ft. Hailee Steinfeld
19:53:37 I AM ROSIE Free my Life
19:38:04 GIUDI Seaside