Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 1. června 2018

10:27:20 THE SPOOK SCHOOL I Want To Kiss You
10:18:36 CABU Crazy ft. Love Mansuy
10:15:21 LUCIUS Born Again Teen
10:11:49 FLOHIO Watchout
10:07:24 KING KHAN It's A Lie
10:03:47 JESTED Tribute To Le Corbusier
09:56:03 ČÁRY ŽIVOTA Šílená
09:47:13 JANE WEAVER Slow Motion
09:42:49 BATHS Yeoman
09:35:31 SVĚTLO Interpol
09:33:19 KERO KERO BONITO Time Today
09:27:22 REDINHO Jacuzzi
09:23:30 AMNESIA SCANNER As Chaos ft. Pan Daijing
09:13:20 SPOON Rent I Pay
09:09:57 JAMES COLE Květy zla
09:04:49 PERFUME GENIUS Slip Away
09:01:03 LAFAWNDAH Tan
08:57:23 ALICIA KEYS Blended Family (What You Do For Love) feat. ASAP Rocky
08:53:48 LONE TAXIDERMIST Knicker Elastic
08:50:57 DNÉ Driving A Car While Listening To Bill Burr's Podcast
08:44:23 HOP ALONG How Simple
08:39:35 Jaro The Forces
08:33:41 SMALL BLACK Boys Life
08:28:34 JAMILA WOODS VRY BLK ft. Noname
08:26:27 PLAYBOI CARTI Old Money
08:21:19 SCHOOL SoLong
08:19:17 LEWIS DEL MAR Such Small Scenes
08:13:04 NEŘVI MI DO UCHA Song 30
08:09:58 BOYBOY None Of Your Love
08:06:49 RAE SREMMURD Close
08:03:59 PALM HONEY You Stole My Blackout
07:59:38 PRIESTS Suck
07:55:08 MAI KINO Burn
07:49:26 ANDREW JUDAH Running Home
07:41:01 RYAN HEMSWORTH Based World
07:37:48 DISCLOSURE Magnets ft. Lorde
07:34:41 WATERS Got To My Head
07:30:12 BLUE HAWAII No One Like You
07:25:59 KORALLREVEN Try Anything Once ft. Cornelius
07:20:28 FEBRUARY A Better End
07:15:37 YEASAYER I Am Chemistry
07:10:49 FIORDMOSS Siberia
07:06:58 DESPOT House of Bricks
07:03:10 OPEN MIKE EAGLE 95 Radios ft. Has-Lo
06:59:42 OSCAR Beautiful Words
06:55:48 LIGHTS OFF Moving Slowly
06:51:50 LOWELL Cloud 69
06:49:28 DARREN EVE Face It Down