Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 26. května 2018

09:45:17 OLGA BELL Randomness
09:42:12 FOOLK Automatic Happiness
09:38:35 IDER Face On
09:34:16 WHITNEY No Matter Where We Go
09:31:01 MIHLE Trip
09:27:05 THE INTERNET Roll (Burbank Funk)
09:22:32 GEORGE FITZGERALD Call It Love (If You Want To) ft. Lawrence Hart
09:15:03 JOHNNY FOREIGNER Don't, Just Don't
09:11:23 HANNE HUKKELBERG The Whip
09:07:20 CARDI B I Like It
09:04:45 PLAYBOI CARTI Old Money
09:00:49 KAMIXLO Bloodless Y
08:56:18 VICENA Shot In We're
08:52:42 KOTOMI Ooh La La
08:48:20 FROG EYES Idea Man
08:43:51 BLACK TUBES Wood
08:39:27 RYN WEAVER OctaHate
08:35:19 FVLCRVM Words
08:22:47 WILCO Taste the Ceiling
08:18:35 SZJERDENE Faded
08:13:58 HIMALAYAN DALAI LAMA Somewhere Nice (ft. Pedro Caetano Leite)
08:09:42 AMBER COFFMAN No Coffee
08:06:39 MARIKA HACKMAN My Lover Cindy
08:03:01 ICEAGE Pain Killer ft. Sky Ferreira
07:59:08 DREEM TRAN'S Voov
07:55:30 THE MARY ONETTES Silence Is A Gun
07:52:25 BOYBOY None Of Your Love
07:49:24 DIVINE FITS Chained To Love
07:46:00 TENNIS Never Work For Free
07:41:11 GROUNDISLAVA Suicide Mission ft. Baths
07:37:40 LORDE Yellow Flicker Beat
07:33:07 KOOL AID Unicorn Ache
07:27:49 KATIE GATELY Tuck
07:24:02 ASTROBAL Belle Comme La Nuit
07:20:38 NAUZEA ORCHESTRA Misantrop
07:17:14 RIOTHORSE Rabbit Hole
07:08:21 BROCKHAMPTON Heat
07:04:33 SERENGETI Shidoshi
07:00:57 LETO Tuny vzduchu
06:57:25 FAKE PROBLEMS Can You Live With That?
06:51:22 BASS DRUM OF DEATH Shattered Me
06:48:25 PENTILE Minuetto
06:45:19 MURA MASA Love for That ft. Shura
06:43:01 THE YETIS Where You Goin'
06:39:29 BUGMEN Ollie
06:34:38 DRC MUSIC Hallo
06:31:04 WHITE LIES There Goes Our Love Again
06:25:59 WEVAL Gimme Some
06:21:12 LAUREL HALO Jelly