Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 25. května 2018

19:55:40 SAN CISCO Too Much Time Together
19:51:29 MIDI LIDI Pojď ven (edit)
19:46:48 VENTOLIN Půjdeme ven
19:32:28 PRINCE KISS
19:25:08 FEVER RAY To The Moon And Back
19:03:39 TV ON THE RADIO Happy Idiot
17:58:05 PERFUME GENIUS Queen
17:55:16 WIRE Short Elevated Period
17:51:06 LUSH Out Of Control
17:45:42 ZOHARA Play
17:41:48 DJANGO DJANGO In Your Beat
17:37:15 JAMIE XX Loud Places ft. Romy
17:32:11 MOLLY NILSSON Think Pink
17:23:04 RICO NASTY Rage
17:12:48 THE INTERNET Roll (Burbank Funk)
17:04:24 SINKANE Telephone
17:01:15 BONZAI I Feel Alright
16:57:43 EMPRESS OF Standard
16:53:16 SAPPHIRE SLOWS The Edge Of My Land
16:49:38 ORIENT Blackmail
16:43:27 SHEER MAG Suffer Me
16:40:18 POPSTRANGERS Rats In The Palm Tree
16:34:26 FLEET FOXES Fool's Errand
16:30:44 JIMOTHY LACOSTE Subway System
16:27:41 VIRGINIA WING The Second Shift
16:21:34 CAMP COPE Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams
16:18:51 OF MONTREAL Jigsaw Puzzle
16:09:58 ROSTAM Gwan
16:06:48 RAE SREMMURD Close
16:03:41 SOCCER MOMMY Your Dog
16:00:57 FRANKIE COSMOS Jesse
15:56:54 MISSION OF BURMA That's When I Reach For My Revolver
15:53:20 JESTED Tribute To Le Corbusier
15:46:39 LORENZO SENNI Win In The Flat World
15:43:24 TERROR JR Appreciation
15:40:04 MITSKI Geyser
15:35:52 MOŠI MOŠI I Was Right
15:29:53 DAWN x MUMDANCE Guardian Angel
15:25:31 MAI KINO Burn
15:13:38 AIR WAVES Fantasy
15:09:47 BLACK HOLE AW
15:05:08 THE WEEKND Starboy ft. Daft Punk
15:01:11 LIQUID GROUND Amethyst
14:57:41 MOANING Don't Go
14:53:41 FIFI RONG The Same Road
14:50:50 DOON KANDA Axolotl
14:44:13 MOVING UNITS Kate Moss in '97
14:36:13 FVLCRVM Words