Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 16. května 2018

20:57:24 RP BOO Back From The Future (Edit)
20:54:41 RIZZLA Be A Boy (feat. Odile Myrtil)
20:51:54 DJ J HEAT x NEANA Rain
20:48:25 LIL MYSTIC Final Stage
20:44:55 UNKNXWN Flame Libra
20:38:04 FVLCRVM Words
20:34:34 SINJIN HAWKE Monolith [Overture] (Canblaster Remix)
20:31:58 SINJIN HAWKE By Any Means (Xzavier Stone & Zora Jones Remix)
20:29:56 SINJIN HAWKE Snow Blind (Zora Jones Remix)
20:27:27 SINJIN HAWKE Don't Lose Yourself To This (MikeQ Remix)
20:25:45 SINJIN HAWKE They Can't Love You (Swing Ting Remix ft. Trigga)
20:23:17 SINJIN HAWKE In Loving Memory (Gutta Remix)
20:19:59 SINJIN HAWKE Prophecy Of Bootyspoon (Murlo Remix)
20:16:30 SHARDA Gum
20:12:34 SHARDA Meet Me Halfway
20:08:28 SHARDA One Kiss Refix
20:05:25 SAMI BAHA When the Sun's Gone (ft. Yung Lean)
20:02:58 SAMI BAHA Free For All - Discreet (ft. Dimzy)
19:59:53 MOON WILLIS Gone (Feat. LEVi)
19:55:06 IDK No Wave Feat. Denzel Curry
19:53:28 FVTVRE Black Flag
19:40:13 GWERKOVA White Lies
19:37:00 THYLA I Was Biting
19:33:28 DREEM TRAN'S Voov
19:19:48 DIET CIG Tummy Ache
19:15:54 BULP On The Run
19:11:07 BRATŘI Manual
19:00:16 RIZZLA Iron Cages (feat. Odile Myrtil)
18:55:21 VINCE STAPLES Se?orita
18:51:37 TENNIS Ladies Don't Play Guitar
18:47:51 BECK Wow
18:43:37 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds
18:34:00 MATT & KIM Daylight
18:25:34 THE GO! TEAM Mayday
18:18:08 LORENZO SENNI Win In The Flat World
18:09:35 FLASHER Pressure
18:00:58 FIORDMOSS Motherland (Ziúr Remix)
17:57:44 SPEEDY ORTIZ Tiger Tank
17:55:01 THE MANTLES Hate To See You Go
17:51:11 SAY SUE ME Old Town
17:46:24 GALLANT Doesn't Matter
17:41:59 YUMI ZOUMA Song For Zoe & Gwen
17:37:44 KORALLREVEN Try Anything Once ft. Cornelius
17:34:15 WEEZER Thank God For Girls
17:25:01 KRASIK GoGoGirl
17:14:40 HATCHIE Sleep
17:05:16 JLIN Nyakinyua Rise
17:03:07 SNNY Young Boy
16:59:30 WET All The Ways