Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 7. května 2018

06:03:23 DANIELSON Did I Step On Your Trumpet
05:55:49 UPSET Glass Ceiling
05:52:05 HOUPACÍ KONĚ Vypučený byty (RWLS Live)
05:48:18 ZERO 7 On My Own ft. Danny Pratt (edit)
05:45:13 SPACE LOVE Hologram
05:41:15 CULLEN OMORI Cinnamon
05:39:05 SART TRY
05:36:16 DORIS PINE Youth (Diamonds)
05:32:40 DENT MAY I´ll Be Stoned for Christmas
05:28:45 JENNY HVAL Sabbath
05:26:25 BILEJ KLUK The Club SX
05:23:10 BRICK + MORTAR Locked In a Cage
05:19:49 TENNIS Never Work For Free
05:15:00 TALKING HEADS This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
05:11:45 HUGO TOXXX Milion Fans
05:07:52 STORMZY Big For Your Boots
05:04:40 LA SERA Running Wild
05:00:23 BARRY ADAMSON You Sold Your Dreams
04:57:27 FATIMA AL QADIRI Battery
04:55:05 RUN THE JEWELS Blockbuster Night pt.1
04:51:41 TKAY MAIDZA Simulation
04:47:21 VENICE TRIP Look Forward
04:43:23 NICK DIAMONDS The Sting
04:40:12 MY DRY WET MESS Words I Didn't
04:35:16 M83 We Own The Sky
04:32:41 HUMAN HIGHWAY The Sound
04:29:51 EERA White Water
04:24:41 BROKEN BELLS Holding On For Life
04:23:24 BJÖRK Human Behaviour
04:16:52 CHILDHOOD Solemn Skies
04:12:12 THE LIBERTINES What Katie Did
04:03:17 AUTUMNIST Shining Like A Ghost ft. Rowanna
03:59:15 IRON & WINE Tree By The River
03:55:02 OKKERVIL RIVER Stay Young
03:49:57 WEVAL Gimme Some
03:45:42 THE AVALANCHES Frankie Sinatra
03:43:08 BUGMEN Out On The Weekend
03:39:57 SZYMON Medusa
03:36:01 AIRBIRD We Used To
03:32:41 LOWELL I Love You Money
03:29:18 PONI HOAX Down On Serpent Street
03:21:18 CHAIRLIFT Ch-Ching
03:17:36 ST. LUCIA Elevate (Great Good Fine Ok Remix)
03:12:51 PURLING HISS Learning Slowly
03:10:35 THE YETIS Where You Goin'
03:07:31 AID KID NTRF
03:03:45 POSTILJONEN When All The Wild Things Die
02:58:54 GARDENS & VILLA Black Hills
02:55:22 GITA Ban Man