Playlist stanice Wave dne neděle 15. dubna 2018

03:45:55 RUN THE JEWELS Oh My Darling Don't Meow (Just Blaze Remix)
03:42:43 KIKI HITOMI Nightwalkers
03:40:31 SART TRY
03:37:05 MOVING UNITS Kate Moss in '97
03:32:56 BONOBO Heaven For Sinner ft. Erykah Badu
03:28:40 FUTURE ISLANDS Beach Foam
03:25:49 CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG The Song That We Sing
03:23:46 G?GGS She Got Harder
03:21:02 COLORFACTORY It's Always You
03:17:36 PANÁČIK Vata
03:14:35 CAGED ANIMALS Cindy and Me
03:09:52 PURLING HISS Learning Slowly
03:07:03 THE FIERY FURNACES The End Is Near
03:03:08 DAN DEACON Crystal Cat
02:59:24 PACIFIC AIR Move
02:42:29 JAMES FERRARO Untitled (Clear track #2)
02:33:10 DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE 7 Dag Bij: De Vragen
02:23:52 TARZANA Gemini Observatory Landing Strip
02:10:43 MONOPOLY CHILD STAR SEARCHERS A Coconut's Shadow Thrown Across The Stem Of A Rose
02:01:17 HACO White Letter From Heaven
01:53:28 TT Over Endless Seas
01:49:33 DVA Labyrinth
01:43:15 SILHOUETTE Extraterrestrial Life Forms (Endless)
01:39:55 DEBIT Realist
01:22:38 DE TUINEN Wandelen - Side B (Excerpt)
01:19:09 SAND CIRCLES Sun Circles
01:16:30 D'EON Corrupted Bootloader
01:13:45 LES HALLES Our Way In The Flowing Sand
01:11:42 YEARNING KRU Vnd04
01:09:35 BENNY L. Checkmate Floaters Simulator Sideways Bishops Quest For Oozing Like Lava In Garnet Garment
01:05:01 SMACKOS Rain Forecast
01:02:19 SUGAI KEN Katsura
00:59:24 GIANT CLAW deep thoughts 002
00:56:17 LOCATION SERVICES Avaya Transfer
00:49:34 ORGAN TAPES Jah Min
00:43:22 TERRIBILIS Needle Dreams
00:40:42 TERESA WINTER Untitled Death
00:36:54 BULBS Visible In The Dark
00:29:14 SYLVIA MONNIER Maria Schneider
00:21:09 ZAUMNE Track 1
00:14:14 LIŠAJ Hartaa