Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 11. dubna 2018

05:54:58 WOODS Tambourine Light
05:52:08 BLOOD RED SHOES Its Getting Boring By The Sea
05:48:52 CHARLI XCX You're The One
05:44:23 SUNDAYS ON CLARENDON ROAD Getting Older (Aid Kid Remix)
05:41:22 EUGENE MCGUINNESS Fairlight
05:37:26 KIESLOWSKI Klidná noc (Dutch Rall Nocturne Blue remix)
05:35:12 SART TRY
05:31:39 ERYKAH BADU Phone Down
05:27:45 ZHU In The Morning
05:23:53 CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH Heavy Metal
05:20:50 CATE LE BON Rock Pool
05:16:39 LITTLE BOOTS Taste It
05:12:55 DRELLER Control
05:09:28 MISS RED Murder
05:06:31 WILEY Can't Go Wrong
05:02:26 MÚM Prophecies & Reversed Memories
04:58:49 JOAN AS A POLICE WOMAN Furious
04:52:57 VAADAT CHARIGIM Odyssey
04:48:57 YOUNG KARIN Sirens
04:45:06 SERENGETI Shidoshi
04:42:26 RUN THE JEWELS Talk To Me
04:38:51 BLOC PARTY Flux
04:36:14 OF MONTREAL Jigsaw Puzzle
04:31:31 SON LUX Lost It To Trying
04:27:41 BARRY ADAMSON You Sold Your Dreams
04:25:08 LANDLADY Dying Day
04:20:10 DAN DEACON Wham City
04:17:05 LA PETITE SONJA Something To Cheer Me Up
04:14:05 LA SERA Losing To The Dark
04:10:56 VAMPIRE WEEKEND Oxford Comma
04:07:08 HAAGER Drowning ft. Jiří Burian
04:02:50 CHROMATICS I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around
03:59:26 TRICKY Nothing's Changed ft. Francesca Belmonte
03:54:54 GARDENS & VILLA Black Hills
03:51:57 LIL YACHTY Forever Young
03:48:09 SPOON Got Nuffin
03:45:05 LUKAS LANDA Hearts
03:41:37 LYKKE LI No Rest For the Wicked
03:37:03 PORTICO 101 ft. Joe Newman
03:32:04 MOON DUO Mazes
03:29:10 FEAR OF MEN Island
03:24:42 BATHS Disorderly
03:20:15 WASHED OUT All I Know
03:17:08 THE BLACK KEYS Next Girl
03:12:50 KISSES Huddle
03:07:57 DRC MUSIC Hallo
03:03:58 PHANTOGRAM When I´m Small
03:00:49 THREE MAN CANNON Patiently
02:58:12 THEA & THE WILD Heartattack
02:53:57 ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER Sticky Drama