Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 16. března 2018

11:42:00 LA PETITE SONJA Something To Cheer Me Up (The Fakes Remix)
11:38:39 OLGA BELL Randomness
11:36:02 MOURN Second Sage
11:32:43 LAUNDER Annie Blue
11:28:23 CHVRCHES Get Out
11:25:18 FOOLK Automatic Happiness
11:16:50 FAILED FLOWERS Summer Vacation
11:05:49 YUNG LEAN & ULI K Schemin
11:00:25 HOW TO DRESS WELL Lost Youth / Lost You
10:55:48 BAD GYAL Blink
10:50:35 ABRA Crybaby
10:45:07 BECK Dear Life
10:41:31 OSCAR Beautiful Words
10:36:09 YUNO No Going Back
10:31:31 GRUMBLING FUR Heavy Days
10:27:04 THYLA I Was Biting
10:23:53 CAYETANA Trails
10:17:09 ASTROBAL Belle Comme La Nuit
10:13:22 JAKUB ADAMEC Rise Up The Chairs Are Burning
10:08:56 SIN FANG Candyland ft. Jónsi
10:05:37 BULLY Too Tough
09:59:41 MADDY JANE Drown It Out
09:56:26 KILL THE DANDIES! Things You Can Never Get
09:51:05 DANNY L HARLE Ashes Of Love ft. Caroline Polachek
09:46:56 HANNAH DIAMOND Fade Away
09:43:34 DAVID BYRNE Gasoline And Dirty Sheets
09:37:53 JON HOPKINS Emerald Rush
09:33:53 LUPE FIASCO Superstar
09:29:36 JANELLE MONÁE Make Me Feel
09:26:23 SPACE LOVE Hologram
09:20:34 SMALL TOWN LIFE So Far So Good
09:16:43 ARCHIE BRONSON OUTFIT We Are Floating
09:13:34 GENGAHR Bathed in Light
09:08:04 ROOSEVELT Fever
09:04:10 MO Final Song
09:00:40 ZOHARA Play
08:55:29 MGDLN Likes Wine
08:49:37 NVMERI Art Of The Trial
08:46:07 THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO Follow Your Heart Somewhere
08:41:51 GLASSIO Try Much Harder
08:36:23 POINT POINT All This
08:32:33 RICH BRIAN Cold
08:27:12 NADINE SHAH Holiday Destination
08:24:47 REST IN HASTE Don't Play Dead
08:18:21 AALIYAH We Need A Resolution
08:15:56 MADGE Fight Or Flight Club
08:12:17 FOR YOU KATRINA Chest Hole
08:07:25 CLOUD NOTHINGS Modern Act
08:02:55 PREOCCUPATIONS Anxiety
08:02:19 BJÖRK Army Of Me