Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 13. března 2018

11:43:15 CHASTITY BELT Lydia
11:34:24 ARDYN Help Me On My Way
11:29:43 POM POKO Jazz Baby
11:26:12 YUNO No Going Back
11:17:49 BOYBOY Afraid
11:13:17 YELLOW DAYS Gap In The Clouds
11:10:38 TASMANIA KAMIKAZE White Princess
11:06:04 SNEAKS Look Like That
11:02:45 THYLA I Was Biting
10:59:13 KALLE Felid
10:56:04 FLESH WORLD The Wild Animals In My Life
10:53:05 CHELSEA WOLFE Vex
10:48:04 VENTOLIN Disco Science
10:44:11 GRRL PAL Dare
10:39:29 ZAHRADA Frails, frails, frails
10:37:08 SCHOOL SoLong
10:32:25 JON HOPKINS Emerald Rush
10:29:32 SARA ANGELICA Run
10:26:08 DAVID BYRNE Everybody's Coming To My House
10:18:05 DAMS OF THE WEST Death Wish
10:14:26 NATALIE PRASS Short Court Style
10:09:25 SZA Doves In The Wind ft. Kendrick Lamar
10:05:11 THE AVALANCHES Frankie Sinatra
09:58:47 RIDE Kaleidoscope
09:55:58 TOKIMONSTA Sore
09:53:03 CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG Lying With You
09:49:36 SWIMFUL Dove ft. Palmistry
09:44:33 FRED MADISON Woman
09:40:59 SHE-DEVILS The World Laughs
09:34:49 BLUR Go Out
09:30:26 GLASS ANIMALS Life Itself
09:28:00 MADGE Fight Or Flight Club
09:23:13 PET SYMMETRY Stare Collection
09:20:44 WILD TIDES Do voka drát
09:15:12 JESSY LANZA It Means I Love You
09:12:59 THROWING SHADE Hashtag IRL
09:09:13 RICH BRIAN Cold
09:03:39 DOWNTOWN BOYS A Wall
09:00:43 PETER BJORN AND JOHN What You Talking About?
08:57:15 JOAN AS A POLICE WOMAN Furious
08:53:56 PRETTY OLD SOUND In My Mind
08:50:50 AIR WAVES Fantasy
08:45:21 CEO Kill Count
08:40:54 AMBER MARK Love Me Right
08:37:49 SOLANGE Junie
08:33:23 THE LIBERTINES Glasgow Coma Scale Blue
08:30:42 KINKIES Lea
08:25:42 MIHLE Trip
08:21:06 MIDI LIDI Pojď ven (edit)