Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 28. února 2018

20:58:01 DJ TAYE I Dont Know (Feat Fabi Reyna)
20:55:11 DJ TAYE Pop Drop (Feat DJ Paypal)
20:51:37 DJ TAYE Another4 (Feat DJ Manny)
20:49:25 DJ TAYE I'm Trippin
20:46:50 MARTYN BOOTYSPOON Spread That Kat (Steve Poindexter Remix)
20:43:17 MARTYN BOOTYSPOON Spread That Kat
20:40:55 MARTYN BOOTYSPOON Helicoptah Dance
20:36:28 TSVI x DJ JM Xus Lord
20:31:58 BULMA Slaughterhouse
20:29:31 10LEC6 Bone Bame (Dj Lycox Remix)
20:26:26 ELOQ Worth It
20:23:33 TREVIS Hard To Get (Henrik The Artist remix)
20:20:39 DZZ Our Pavilion
20:17:46 ORLANDO Nasty (feat. Mr. Mitch x Yayoyanoh)
20:14:44 BAD GYAL Tu Moto
20:11:10 BAD GYAL Tra
20:08:16 BAD GYAL Internationally
20:04:23 OKLOU They Cant Hear Me Posted
19:58:54 OKLOU Friendless
19:50:46 DJ SHADOW I Gotta Rokk
19:47:35 DANNY BROWN When It Rain
19:37:05 WYE OAK Glory
19:33:49 MY NAME IS ANN When You Wake Up (rework)
19:30:13 TORO Y MOI Empty Nesters
19:20:01 FOUR TET Moma
19:17:35 FOREVER CULT Glass Eye
19:04:05 DUCKTAILS Headbanging In The Mirror
19:00:27 FELICITA A New Family
18:55:34 ČOKOVOKO Dredař
18:52:29 IDK No Wave Feat. Denzel Curry
18:49:32 ARCADE FIRE Afterlife
18:39:08 TOSCA Boss On The Boat
18:28:59 SHOPPING Wild Child
18:18:24 LANA DEL REY Video Games
18:10:49 BLUR There Are Too Many Of Us
18:01:53 SEKUOIA Lamp In The Dark (ft. Kill J)
17:55:28 DIET CIG Sleep Talk
17:50:41 ELOHIM Eclipse
17:48:36 MOURN Second Sage
17:46:18 WORRIERS They / Them / Theirs
17:43:01 LAUNDER Annie Blue
17:38:43 CROOKED COLOURS Another Way
17:35:17 PRŮVAN V HLAVĚ Vteřiny
17:33:21 LORRAINE Pitch/Roll/Yaw
17:23:21 SLEAFORD MODS Face to Faces
17:14:17 SORRY 2 Down 2 Dance
17:03:41 HAIM Want You Back
16:59:04 RENISS La Sauce
16:56:21 LAVRA Untie