Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 16. února 2018

11:25:26 ASTROBAL Belle Comme La Nuit
11:22:07 SIN COS TAN Limbo
11:15:06 SHUNKAN The Pink Noise
11:11:32 OSCAR Beautiful Words
11:08:02 GOAT GIRL The Man
11:03:49 M.I.A. Borders
11:01:08 HUGO TOXXX Private Mode
10:56:13 KHOIBA Stoke The Fire
10:52:00 PROMISES LTD. Another Time
10:46:25 SNEAKS Look Like That
10:43:52 PALM HONEY You Stole My Blackout
10:40:35 ANGEL OLSEN Shut Up Kiss Me
10:35:58 THE BIG PINK High Times
10:32:23 ANNA BURCH Tea-Soaked Letter
10:27:58 EAST INDIA YOUTH Turn Away
10:24:34 BOSSY LOVE Go Deeper
10:20:38 CHROMEO Bedroom Calling ft. The-Dream
10:07:31 CENDE What I Want ft. Frankie Cosmos
10:04:00 WAREHOUSE Super Low
09:58:03 ELASTICA 2:1
09:54:38 THE FINALLY Dark/Light
09:51:10 BUKE AND GASE Typo
09:46:23 N.E.R.D. Lemon ft. Rihanna
09:41:57 EFRIM MANUEL MENUCK A Lamb In The Land Of Payday Loans
09:37:59 CROOKED COLOURS Another Way
09:31:57 CLOUD NOTHINGS Modern Act
09:28:46 HELLWANA Bump'n'Grime
09:24:44 BOYBOY None Of Your Love
09:21:40 SHARKS' TEETH Lost In The Cosmos
09:16:41 IMAGINE DRAGONS I Bet My Life
09:12:26 REAL ESTATE Darling
09:08:15 VEES Meat Song
09:03:37 ALEX CAMERON Runnin' Outta Luck
09:00:04 DAWN Honest
08:56:35 TOFUBEATS Shoppingmall
08:53:14 NADIA NAIR Blow
08:49:57 MAL DEVISA In My Neighborhood
08:42:17 RAINER MARIA Forest Mattres
08:39:09 DOROTHY Raise Hell
08:35:07 VENTOLIN Disco Science
08:30:34 BAD GYAL Blink
08:24:46 GIRLS IN HAWAII Misses
08:20:54 ARDYN Help Me On My Way
08:15:52 IGLOOGHOST Chinchou/Melon Lantern Girl's Club
08:12:28 MYKKI BLANCO Loner ft. Jean Deaux
08:08:35 SAY SUE ME Old Town
08:03:32 BOY SCOUT DUB Droog
08:01:10 RAT COLUMNS Do You Remember Real Pain?
07:58:21 GREAT NEWS Special Place
07:54:14 ANTHEMS No Health