Playlist stanice Wave dne čtvrtek 15. února 2018

04:43:04 SELAH SUE Together ft. Childish Gambino
04:40:12 THE LITTLE ONES Forro
04:35:51 BRASS BED I Am Just A Whisper
04:32:50 CHARLI XCX What I Like
04:28:17 BIG DATA Dangerous ft. Joywave
04:24:27 WILCO Jesus, etc.
04:21:15 GARBAGE Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
04:18:48 MOUNT KIMBIE We Go Home Together ft. James Blake
04:15:32 MUX MOOL Night Court
04:12:21 FUZZY2102 Nikola
04:08:46 CLOUD CONTROL Scar
04:05:52 JAMES PANTS Darlin'
04:02:28 YOUNG MAGIC Something in The Water
03:57:25 FOALS Electric Bloom
03:54:35 LA SERA Losing To The Dark
03:46:31 SERENGETI Shidoshi
03:43:22 MIGOS Stir Fry
03:40:27 THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART Everything With You
03:37:28 TITLE FIGHT Chlorine
03:34:23 KITTENS OF THE INTERNET Living a Dream
03:30:52 POEMSS Gentle Mirror
03:26:34 FEIST The Limit To Your Love
03:23:00 PAVEMENT Father To A Sister Of Thought
03:20:16 SABELLA Loving Like This
03:17:31 PASSION PIT Sleepyhead
03:13:39 HOUPACÍ KONĚ Helium
03:09:48 BARRY ADAMSON You Sold Your Dreams
03:06:41 ANDREA BALENCY You've Never Been Alone
03:03:06 RYAN HEMSWORTH Snow In Newark ft. Dawn Golden
02:59:03 HOWLING BELLS Setting Sun
02:55:23 OF MONTREAL Coquet Coquette
02:51:13 IBEYI River
02:48:33 DRAKE Started From The Bottom
02:46:06 FLEET FOXES White Winter Hymnal
02:42:19 THE FRESH & ONLYS Animal Of One
02:37:30 DRC MUSIC Hallo
02:32:39 FOOL'S GOLD Street Clothes
02:30:24 SART TRY
02:26:46 JAGWAR MA Man I Need
02:23:55 MATT & KIM Daylight
02:18:24 JAMES BLAKE Love What Happened Here
02:14:14 WHITE STRIPES Icky Thump
02:09:41 GARDENS & VILLA Black Hills
02:06:34 KATE TEMPEST The Beigeness
02:03:39 DNÉ Like Physical (I Do Not Love remix)
02:00:13 COMMUNIONS Love Stands Still
01:55:31 HOORAY FOR EARTH Never
01:51:53 TURTLE GIANT Golden Summer
01:48:26 MISS RED Murder