Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 14. února 2018

19:54:22 TV ON THE RADIO Will Do
19:51:14 SÉBASTIEN TELLIER Cochon Ville
19:47:27 THE AVALANCHES Frankie Sinatra
19:38:02 MARIKA HACKMAN My Lover Cindy
19:34:02 AIRBIRD We Used To
19:30:26 PHANTOGRAM Black Out Days
19:21:39 JESSIE WARE Tough Love
19:17:37 PACINO Necítím nic
19:14:08 SOPHIA KENNEDY Build Me A House
19:03:35 MOIN MOIN Rescue
19:00:42 COUCOU CHLOE Stamina
17:57:32 SALTWATER SUN Making Eyes
17:53:04 NEŘVI MI DO UCHA Song 30
17:48:47 A TRIBE CALLED QUEST Can I Kick It?
17:46:04 LABRADOOR Silence
17:40:24 ICEAGE Catch It
17:35:29 LANA DEL REY Love
17:31:47 KATARZIA Z izby do izby
17:29:47 G?GGS She Got Harder
17:19:12 SAY SUE ME Old Town
17:10:01 JENS LEKMAN What's That Perfume That You Wear?
16:59:54 KODIE SHANE Full Clip ft. Lil Whop
16:56:06 MONT OLIVER 19
16:51:20 OLGA BELL Special Leave
16:47:52 ZACK DE LA ROCHA Digging For Windows
16:43:15 NULY CESTA
16:38:52 GOAT I Sing In Silence
16:35:14 HAND HABITS Flower Glass
16:31:19 POINT POINT All This
16:26:37 MGMT Me And Michael
16:23:24 THE ROSEBUDS Blue Eyes
16:14:42 JAX JONES You Don't Know Me feat. RAYE
16:10:48 BOSSIE A Lot Like Love
16:07:30 DUKLA I. P. Pavlova
16:01:11 KRAUS Reach
15:59:10 LOS CAMPESINOS! What Death Leaves Behind
15:56:04 GALAXIE 500 Strange
15:53:06 AIR WAVES Fantasy
15:48:12 JAKUB ADAMEC Rise Up The Chairs Are Burning
15:46:17 MANNEQUIN PUSSY Denial
15:43:05 OF MONTREAL Jigsaw Puzzle
15:38:38 BAD GYAL Blink
15:28:44 VAULTS Lifespan
15:12:08 GLASSIO Try Much Harder
15:08:09 FIELD MUSIC Count It Up
15:04:35 DARKSTAR Black Ghost ft. Gaika
15:00:52 MINA ROSE Kingdom
14:58:50 ONNI BOI AlrightNo