Playlist stanice Wave dne neděle 11. února 2018

03:24:26 WAVVES Sail to the Sun
03:20:22 LOCAL NATIVES Breakers
03:17:17 SPACE LOVE Hologram
03:14:07 HEALTH Die Slow
03:10:44 INTERPOL The Scale
03:07:55 THE LITTLE ONES Forro
03:03:28 WASHED OUT All I Know
02:58:33 BOOTS Aquaria
02:14:37 CHUBBY WOLF On Burnt, Gauzed Wings
01:37:54 CHUBBY WOLF The Blissful Cessation
00:57:28 CHUBBY WOLF Seasick
00:52:13 CHUBBY WOLF Toy Pianos Underwater
00:48:34 CHUBBY WOLF Golems Caving In To Rebels
00:44:40 CHUBBY WOLF Vocal Sounds Vibrate Air
00:38:26 CHUBBY WOLF Blocking Dead Ends
00:32:20 CHUBBY WOLF Scalloped Toes
00:27:05 CHUBBY WOLF Pull My Strings Like You Pull My Hair
00:21:07 CHUBBY WOLF Free Time Spent Dreading The Inevitables, Soaring In Availables, Wording The Operatives
00:02:29 CHUBBY WOLF Bird Spirituals