Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 31. ledna 2018

14:44:48 FAILED FLOWERS Summer Vacation
14:40:16 SPACE LOVE Noc je klíč
14:35:29 HIGHASAKITE Hiroshima
14:31:08 BELLE & SEBASTIAN The Same Star
14:27:12 HOORAY FOR EARTH Keys
14:19:50 DJ TAYE Trippin'
14:16:15 NILÜFER YANYA Golden Cage
14:12:40 WET All The Ways
14:06:53 THE ORIELLES Let Your Dogtooth Grow
14:03:34 PRETTY OLD SOUND In My Mind
13:55:29 AMBER COFFMAN No Coffee
13:51:06 FRESH OUT OF THE BUS Philistines, Sheep and Squires
13:46:05 PASSION PIT Lifted Up (1985)
13:42:23 JAGWAR MA Man I Need
13:37:46 THE RANGE Florida
13:34:28 ST. BEAUTY Not Discuss It
13:30:02 VERA Nobody Else
13:26:41 THE D? Lick My Wounds
13:18:12 MARTHA Goldman's Detective Agency
13:13:43 JAY SOM Pirouette
13:09:03 GIRL RAY (I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas
13:04:25 DUA LIPA Lost In Your Light ft. Miguel
13:01:15 ADAMN KILLA Commas
12:55:43 AUSTRA Utopia
12:52:37 THE BLOW Make It Up
12:41:28 METRONOME BLUES In The Know
12:31:08 QUILT Eliot St.
12:20:11 MAHALIA No Pressure
12:17:01 MIHLE Trip
12:13:47 YOUNG FATHERS In My View
12:08:33 THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS Myriad Harbour
12:05:04 PEARLS Big Shot
11:58:37 THE JULIE RUIN I Decide
11:55:02 IAIN WOODS Fiend
11:50:39 THE CHILD OF LOV Fly
11:47:25 FOREVER Falling
11:42:03 JOSH T. PEARSON Straight To The Top
11:37:05 MATT KIVEL Velveteen
11:32:30 LORDE Team
11:29:07 KALI UCHIS After the Storm ft. Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins
11:21:16 CAT'S EYES Drag
11:17:43 THE DODOS Substance
11:13:02 YELLOW DAYS Gap In The Clouds
11:08:30 YASUTAKA NAKATA Crazy Crazy
11:03:52 RENISS La Sauce
10:55:39 YOUNG DREAMS First Days of Something
10:51:45 CHLÖE HOWL How Proud
10:45:20 CARLY RAE JEPSEN Warm Blood
10:41:15 JOSEF SALVAT Open Season