Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 30. ledna 2018

02:16:47 THE SOFT MOON Tiny Spiders
02:13:03 WILCO Jesus, etc.
02:07:17 PSY’AVIAH Letting Go
02:02:55 APOLLINAIRE Ice
01:58:42 SMALL BLACK Free At Dawn
01:56:28 THE YETIS Where You Goin'
01:50:17 U.N.K.L.E. In A State
01:47:26 DRAKE Started From The Bottom
01:44:42 6DOGS Faygo Dreams
01:42:07 ELASTICA 2:1
01:38:05 WHITE DENIM Just Dropped In
01:35:02 AID KID NTRF
01:31:27 POPULOUS Fall ft. Cuushe
01:28:02 ART BRUT Direct Hit
01:24:29 PAVEMENT Father To A Sister Of Thought
01:21:07 ALICIA KEYS Blended Family (What You Do For Love) feat. ASAP Rocky
01:18:03 KITTENS OF THE INTERNET Living a Dream
01:14:51 EELS Spectacular Girl
01:11:24 SPOON Don´t You Evah
01:06:56 ATREY Triumph
01:02:05 FOOL'S GOLD Street Clothes
00:58:48 FAUN FABLES Parade
00:55:45 PRODAVAČ Jaká je barva tvojí noci
00:52:22 NONONO Hungry Eyes (Bjo?rn Yttling Remix)
00:48:06 HO99O9 United States Of Horror
00:44:50 SKEPTA Numbers
00:40:44 COLD WAR KIDS We Used To Vacation
00:36:45 JULIA HOLTER Feel You
00:31:39 MAN WITHOUT COUNTRY King Complex
00:28:55 DORIS PINE Youth (Diamonds)
00:25:05 HOWLING BELLS Setting Sun
00:21:32 SLOTFACE Galaxies
00:18:59 REDDISH BLU When I Get Too Sad
00:15:44 MUX MOOL Night Court
00:12:33 FALLULAH Social Club
00:09:16 AVI BUFFALO So What
00:06:03 HEALTH Die Slow
00:01:42 FALLGRAPP Orion ft. Laolu & Luky Kakao