Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 24. ledna 2018

09:15:25 CASE/LANG/VEIRS Best Kept Secret
09:10:32 TEEN Big Talk
09:08:09 SHOPPING Wild Child
09:03:17 HECTA Till Someone Gets Hurt
09:00:10 MGDLN WTF
08:55:43 KRISTA PAPISTA Modern Girlhood
08:51:51 BAD KARMA BOY Palmy
08:46:15 THE SMITHS Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
08:41:53 METRONOME BLUES In The Know
08:36:13 LUPE FIASCO Superstar
08:31:57 JIMMY PÉ Vsezer ft. Ashley Abrman
08:23:26 CAMERA OBSCURA My Maudlin Career
08:20:09 SPOON Rent I Pay
08:15:42 YOUNG FATHERS In My View
08:12:35 SOLANGE Junie
08:08:22 ASTROBAL Belle Comme La Nuit
08:03:48 CLUB NIGHT Rally
08:01:13 ALICE BAG No Means No
07:58:26 SPACE LOVE Noc je klíč
07:53:28 LA SERA I Need An Angel
07:50:05 MAGIC MAN Paris
07:47:37 MADAME PEPPER #uaintluv ft. Hey!zeus
07:44:54 GAIKA Smoke Break
07:40:50 SOULS OF MISCHIEF Step To My Girl
07:36:19 BLUE HAWAII No One Like You
07:31:49 THE KNIFE A Tooth For An Eye
07:24:58 SCENIC Ride The Thrill
07:21:08 PRIMAL SCREAM Some Velvet Morning ft. Kate Moss
07:17:18 RUN THE JEWELS Oh My Darling Don't Meow (Just Blaze Remix)
07:13:33 EVERYTHING IS RECORDED Early This Morning ft. Giggs
07:09:25 JAGA JAZZIST Animal Chin
07:06:32 DUNGEN ?kt Dit
07:01:40 B4 Die Mitternachtsmaus/Půlnoční myš
06:55:44 GWERKOVA White Lies
06:50:59 IRON & WINE Walking Far From Home
06:46:59 JANUARY 22 Suppressed Love
06:38:53 NAUZEA ORCHESTRA Der Sonnenstaat ft. La Petite Sonja
06:33:47 FOREST SWORDS The Highest Flood
06:26:24 DANIELSON Did I Step On Your Trumpet
06:21:43 CIGARETTES AFTER SEX Each Time You Fall In Love
06:17:49 THE SUGARCUBES Birthday
06:13:39 GUCCI MANE Last Time feat. Travis Scott
06:10:56 6DOGS Faygo Dreams
06:07:26 WHITE RABBITS The-Plot
06:04:34 SALVIA PLATH House of Leaves
06:01:10 JESSIE WARE Tough Love
05:58:17 18+ Crow
05:55:06 CHAMPS My Spirit Is Broken
05:52:08 THE STRANGE BOYS Me And You