Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 19. ledna 2018

08:31:52 LUPE FIASCO Superstar
08:28:55 FRANK OCEAN Pink + White
08:25:03 KINKIES Lea
08:21:04 ALLISON CRUTCHFIELD Dean's Room
08:16:03 DANNY L HARLE Ashes Of Love ft. Caroline Polachek
08:12:58 LIL SKIES Cloudy Skies
08:08:42 COMMUNIONS Don't Hold Anything Back
08:05:07 MADDY JANE Drown It Out
08:02:38 DEERHUNTER Breaker
07:59:12 AID KID Hidden Light ft. Veronika Buriánková (Radio Edit)
07:55:36 HERE WE GO MAGIC Falling
07:53:30 PEACH KELLI POP Plastic Love
07:49:25 MEAN LADY Far Away
07:45:47 KARÓ Wolfbaby
07:41:33 LADY SOVEREIGN Pennies
07:36:15 VIC MENSA Heaven On Earth ft. The-Dream
07:33:54 DUKLA U Prioru (Kids)
07:31:03 THE RADIO DEPT. This Thing Was Bound To Happen
07:27:12 COURTNEY BARNETT How To Boil An Egg
07:23:40 IAIN WOODS Fiend
07:20:41 DNÉ Like Physical (I Do Not Love remix)
07:12:19 KEVIN ABSTRACT Empty
07:08:53 MISS RED Murder
07:06:23 PORCHES Car
07:02:18 NANOOKS Edith
06:58:29 SURFER BLOOD Weird Shapes
06:54:37 DĚTI MEZI REPRÁKAMA Krach na burze
06:50:47 BATHS Miasma Sky
06:46:56 GANGLY Blow Out
06:42:31 KAZETY Depilace
06:39:30 LOWER DENS Blue & Silver
06:36:21 TWO FINGERS 101 South
06:33:13 YEAH YEAH YEAHS Gold Lion
06:28:51 ZRNÍ Lehko
06:26:40 THROWING SHADE Hashtag IRL
06:21:54 ARCADE FIRE We Used To Wait
06:18:50 CALEXICO Cumbia de Donde
06:15:25 THE FINALLY Dark/Light
06:10:43 RAURY Neveralone
06:06:34 JIMMY PÉ Vsezer ft. Ashley Abrman
06:01:58 MATTHEW E. WHITE Big Love
05:58:15 SLEAFORD MODS Face to Faces
05:55:49 NIERIKA Crystal
05:51:29 WHITE TOWN Your Woman
05:49:05 REDDISH BLU When I Get Too Sad
05:45:53 PLANETY Ztracený a nalezený
05:42:54 J Málem jsem koupil sad nám dvěma
05:39:49 ANDREA BALENCY You've Never Been Alone
05:35:27 STARS Look up
05:31:47 THE GO! TEAM The Scene Between