Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 17. ledna 2018

20:56:45 TSVI x WALLWORK Jaguar
20:52:51 SCRATCHCLART Square Off
20:48:08 DEPF Stampede (Original Mix)
20:43:47 CHEMIST RNS Break It Down (Original Mix)
20:38:54 PRO.TONE Detonated (Original Mix)
20:36:02 AEROTONIN Jumbo 6s (Original Mix)
20:31:25 KRYTIKAL Whiplash (Original Mix)
20:27:37 DREEM TRAN'S KINN (Original Mix)
20:22:12 UNKEY 24 Houses (Original Mix)
20:17:56 SBSTRD Distress Call (Original Mix)
19:55:15 ACTION BRONSON Easy Rider
19:51:57 AGENT BLA Strand
19:48:32 NILÜFER YANYA Golden Cage
19:44:40 ALEX CAMERON Runnin' Outta Luck
19:39:01 GWERKOVA White Lies
19:34:16 ROSTAM Gwan
19:04:37 ALICIA KEYS Blended Family (What You Do For Love) feat. ASAP Rocky
19:01:21 SNEAKS Look Like That
18:56:30 PODPULTURA Dr. Giger
18:53:29 EUGENE MCGUINNESS Fairlight
18:50:12 CHARLI XCX You're The One
18:46:46 CORBU We Are Sound
18:39:33 MIGUEL Simplethings
18:28:59 DUKLA I. P. Pavlova
18:17:48 BOOTS Aquaria
18:08:06 SKY FERREIRA You're Not The One
18:00:46 TALA Talk 2 Me
17:57:15 CYMBALS EAT GUITARS Have A Heart
17:54:50 BLACK LIPS Cold Hands
17:49:05 PRETTY OLD SOUND In My Mind
17:45:51 PORTUGAL THE MAN The Dead Dog
17:42:42 DOON KANDA Axolotl
17:38:42 EMPRESS OF Kitty Kat
17:36:01 KINKIES Lea
17:32:15 BECK Dear Life
17:13:08 THE XX On Hold
16:57:21 VANBOT Seven
16:52:21 BJÖRK Blissing Me
16:48:16 LIQUID GROUND Amethyst
16:42:47 EMA Satellites
16:38:56 CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH Down (Is Where I Want To Be)
16:34:11 MANCUSO Up In The Smoke
16:29:35 BLOOD DIAMONDS Phone Sex ft. Grimes
16:23:55 BEYONCÉ Formation
16:14:53 PILLOW PERSON Go Ahead
16:11:34 TROYE SIVAN My My My
16:07:11 DIZZCOCK Outta Hood
16:01:57 MCCARTHY Now Is The Time For An Iron Hand