Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 13. ledna 2018

15:09:48 EA KAYA Remedy
15:06:07 PERFUME GENIUS Slip Away
15:01:35 CALVIN HARRIS Rollin ft. Future & Khalid
14:57:23 EQUIKNOXX MUSIC Bubble ft. Devid Di Dakta
14:54:40 KURISUTARU Left
14:49:31 SLOTFACE Galaxies
14:46:00 BELLE & SEBASTIAN The Same Star
14:42:28 THE DODOS Substance
14:38:21 WLW8 No Turning Back
14:34:57 KEDR LIVANSKIY Otvechai Za Slova (Keep Your Word)
14:31:04 BORIS Hope
14:20:51 JACCO GARDNER The Ballad Of Little Jane
14:12:27 MIGOS Stir Fry
14:08:07 ANDY STOTT Butterflies
14:04:14 RADIATOR HOSPITAL Cheap Day
14:01:11 DESPERATE JOURNALIST Resolution
11:55:50 ANDREW JUDAH Running Home
11:51:50 DOWNTOWN BOYS A Wall
11:47:38 WHITE DENIM Just Dropped In
11:41:58 PHANTOM Over
11:37:22 CORBIN All Out
11:33:34 GARBAGE Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
11:29:44 LONE TAXIDERMIST Knicker Elastic
11:25:03 VAULTS Lifespan
11:20:07 YUNG LEAN Red Bottom Sky
11:16:38 WAVVES Animal
11:13:07 PEARLS Big Shot
11:09:33 RED CABIN Barricade
11:05:57 ISAMA ZING Osso
11:01:59 SILVANA IMAM Fri
10:59:34 MOUNT KIMBIE We Go Home Together ft. James Blake
10:55:14 VICENA Shot In We're
10:51:53 KIKI HITOMI Nightwalkers
10:47:37 WIRE Short Elevated Period
10:44:22 CASE/LANG/VEIRS Best Kept Secret
10:41:52 DARREN EVE Carnival Queen
10:37:46 YACHT I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler
10:35:03 OCTAVIAN Party Here
10:29:12 A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition Of Passing)
10:25:00 YOHUNA Apart
10:13:04 18+ Crow
10:08:58 CHARLI XCX Backseat ft. Carly Rae Jepsen
10:05:16 RAT COLUMNS Someone Else's Dream
10:01:41 LVL UP Hidden Driver
09:58:36 LA SERA Losing To The Dark
09:55:33 JAY ARNER Like A Dracula
09:51:56 LETO Tuny vzduchu
09:47:24 ICONA POP Someone Who Can Dance
09:43:12 RUDI ZYGADLO Symphaties Scrapbook