Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 3. ledna 2018

04:33:07 WASHED OUT All I Know
04:29:21 TUNDE ADEBIMPE Speedline Miracle Masterpiece ft. Sal P & Sinkane
04:25:54 ART BRUT Direct Hit
04:22:00 SOULS OF MISCHIEF Step To My Girl
04:17:28 JAMIE XX Loud Places ft. Romy
04:13:44 KOOP Summer Sun
04:10:09 THE SOFT MOON Tiny Spiders
04:07:22 LOWER DENS Blue & Silver
04:04:21 PENTILE Minuetto
04:00:23 AUTUMNIST Shining Like A Ghost ft. Rowanna
03:55:29 DREAM POLICE Hypnotized
03:50:23 THE NOTWIST Good Lies
03:46:38 BURIAL Archangel
03:43:17 LIL UZI VERT Money Longer
03:36:51 WHITE RABBITS The-Plot
03:35:06 FAILED FLOWERS Summer Vacation
03:31:18 AMADOU AND MARIAM Dougou Badia (feat. Santigold)
03:25:51 JAMES BLAKE Love What Happened Here
03:22:51 THREE MAN CANNON Patiently
03:19:44 SHEARWATER Breaking The Yearlings
03:16:33 S-TYPE NYE
03:13:10 FRYARS On Your Own
03:10:10 BLOOD RED SHOES Its Getting Boring By The Sea
03:07:33 CLINIC Bubblegum
03:00:51 SIA Chandelier
02:58:07 SALVIA PLATH House of Leaves
02:54:31 BLOC PARTY Flux
02:50:35 PRODAVAČ Signály
02:47:05 MISS RED Murder
02:42:59 KANYE WEST Real Friends
02:39:06 BLONDE REDHEAD Silently
02:36:14 THE GOON SAX Boyfriend
02:32:36 MIIKE SNOW Heart Is Full
02:29:36 NEON NEON The Jaguar
02:25:48 HOWLING BELLS Setting Sun
02:22:05 MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER Some Time Alone, Alone
02:18:58 SAM SMITH Safe With Me
02:14:40 THESE NEW PURITANS Fragment Two
02:10:19 LANUGO Nůžky
02:07:14 VAMPIRE WEEKEND Oxford Comma
02:03:15 TUNE-YARDS Gangsta (Cut Chemist Remix)
01:59:49 DJ TAYE Burnin Ya Boa feat. DJ Manny
01:56:26 INTERPOL C´Mere
01:53:06 LORDE Tennis Court
01:49:28 TUNJI IGE Bring Your Friends
01:46:49 KARAOKE TUNDRA 2046 ft. Fobia Kid & 3ck
01:43:10 MIKAL CRONIN Soul In Motion
01:40:21 SASHA SIEM See Through