Playlist stanice Wave dne středa 6. prosince 2017

23:57:49 KIESLOWSKI Klidná noc (Dutch Rall Nocturne Blue remix)
23:35:42 VIOLINBWOY Sis_I-Leen_-_Babylon
19:56:23 SAMPHA Blood On Me
19:53:28 6DOGS Faygo Dreams
19:49:26 LAZER VIKING / SABREHART Turnstile Hearts
19:43:57 GUN OUTFIT Strange Insistence
19:40:22 HAND HABITS Flower Glass
19:37:56 JOE STRUMMER Burning Lights (I Hired a Contract Killer)
19:31:18 DANNY L HARLE Ashes Of Love ft. Caroline Polachek
19:27:20 BURIAL Archangel
19:24:03 MOANING Don't Go
19:20:36 TENNIS Never Work For Free
19:16:42 NOIA Love Hack
19:13:47 SLK Be
19:11:41 WHARFWHIT Under My Breath ft. Devenny & Sörca
19:03:12 TALKING HEADS This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
18:59:14 DOWNTOWN BOYS A Wall
18:46:58 GLASS ANIMALS Cocoa Hooves
18:34:22 RA RA RIOT Absolutely
18:22:55 HOW TO DRESS WELL Repeat Pleasure
18:08:53 MÚM Prophecies & Reversed Memories
17:58:48 ORIENT Skit
17:54:03 BLUR There Are Too Many Of Us
17:51:21 LABRADOOR Silence
17:47:54 AT BONA FIDE Strange Battle Tails
17:41:56 PACINO Necítím nic
17:38:04 SJOWGREN Stubborn Forces
17:31:55 GEORGE FITZGERALD Call It Love (If You Want To) ft. Lawrence Hart
17:28:27 NILS BECH Please Stay
17:15:50 COURTNEY BARNETT Elevator Operator
17:12:29 EAVES As Old As The Grave
17:07:44 MIGUEL Pineapple Skies
17:03:00 FLUME Smoke & Retribution ft. Vince Staples & Kučka
16:59:56 JESSY LANZA VV Violence
16:56:04 NEŘVI MI DO UCHA Song 30
16:51:56 OPEN MIKE EAGLE 95 Radios ft. Has-Lo
16:47:04 FLESH WORLD The Wild Animals In My Life
16:43:34 THE PALMS Future Love (We All Make Mistakes)
16:38:45 PORCHES Find Me
16:34:48 THE GO! TEAM Mayday
16:29:33 PRETTY OLD SOUND In My Mind
16:26:29 BON IVER 10 d E A T h b R E a s T (Extended Version)
16:17:38 JANE WEAVER Slow Motion
16:14:19 PANDA BEAR Mr Noah
16:10:22 DRELLER Control
16:05:15 MAYEN Gone
16:02:36 SCHOOL SoLong
15:56:01 BEAR IN HEAVEN Wholehearted Mess
15:52:11 MOUNT KIMBIE Blue Train Lines ft. King Krule
15:49:12 DEATH & VANNILA Moonshine