Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 1. prosince 2017

15:09:11 GIRL RAY (I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas
15:05:25 KODIE SHANE Full Clip ft. Lil Whop
15:00:09 LCD SOUNDSYSTEM I Used To
14:56:16 KOTOMI Ooh La La
14:53:21 YOUNG FATHERS Low
14:48:16 FOREVER CULT Glass Eye
14:45:07 LUKAS LANDA Hearts
14:36:39 MIGUEL Pineapple Skies
14:30:45 THE NAKED AND FAMOUS Hearts Like Ours
14:27:47 THE SPOOK SCHOOL I Want To Kiss You
14:19:45 BAKONGO Grind (Dreem Tran's edit)
14:15:06 ROSTAM Gwan
14:11:37 ZURI MARLEY Beg For It
14:08:04 PET SYMMETRY Stare Collection
14:03:03 ARCADE FIRE Everything Now
13:56:22 KVĚTY BÝT
13:52:34 ETERNAL SUMMERS Together Or Alone
13:46:26 DAEDELUS Tailor Made
13:42:51 SAINT ETIENNE Magpie Eyes
13:40:42 SNNY Young Boy
13:36:40 ANGEL OLSEN Shut Up Kiss Me
13:33:06 CAYETANA Trails
13:22:20 PHANTOM Over
13:08:19 HIGHASAKITE Since Last Wednesday
13:00:13 CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG Deadly Valentine
12:55:42 KORALLREVEN Try Anything Once ft. Cornelius
12:51:15 KELELA Onanon
12:47:27 LA PETITE SONJA Something To Cheer Me Up (The Fakes Remix)
12:41:41 DJ RASHAD Wear Her Pussy Out ft. DJ Earl
12:38:56 G PERICO Affiliated
12:34:18 IO ECHO Carnation
12:31:04 KASSASSIN STREET Yeah It's On
12:26:28 BROADCAST & THE FOCUS GROUP The Be Colony
12:18:09 RENISS La Sauce
12:14:39 TEEN Tokyo
12:10:48 FOR YOU KATRINA Wonderland
12:04:58 TALKING HEADS This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
11:56:25 FRANKIE ROSE Dyson Sphere
11:53:29 YOUNGHUSBAND Waverly Street
11:49:09 FAUX Take Back Time
11:45:58 JJ Beautiful Life
11:42:20 MOURN Evil Dead
11:38:26 METRONOME BLUES War Crimes
11:34:54 D.R.A.M Crumbs ft. Playboi Carti
11:30:46 NEON INDIAN Annie
11:28:04 TRICOT Melon Soda
11:28:01 MOIN MOIN Rescue