Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 27. listopadu 2017

23:57:35 ENCHANTED LANDS All Silver and Shadows and Visions of Things Not Seen
23:54:37 ASHIDA PARK Heating Ocean feat mobilegirl
23:51:56 BJÖRK The gate
23:47:06 BJÖRK Future forever
23:42:09 BJÖRK Arisen my senses
23:38:42 ENCHANTED LANDS All Silver and Shadows and Visions of Things Not Seen
23:37:20 WITCH PROPHET Manifest
23:35:53 WITCH PROPHET Manifest
23:32:34 LAW HOLT Loving On My Mind
23:24:06 LAUREL HALO Who Won
23:09:02 GOLDIE Inner City Life 2017 Burial rebuild
23:06:14 BJÖRK Future forever
23:00:44 BJÖRK Arisen my senses
23:00:40 BJÖRK The gate
23:00:32 LAW HOLT Loving On My Mind
22:57:39 GAIKA Smoke Break
22:46:47 JAMES FERRANO Dopaminergic Precision
22:42:47 JAMES FERRANO Bio sewer
22:32:13 DEVONWHO 16kd
22:20:52 27 Hlava hledá zem
22:10:37 RUDEBOYZ As Jableni feat T D Snaxx
22:08:21 EPROM Oksana
22:02:00 CEE Now Laters feat Homeboy Sandman
19:56:52 GANGLY Blow Out
19:52:07 JANE WEAVER Slow Motion
19:48:42 TRIM Before I Lied
19:44:24 FAZERDAZE Lucky Girl
19:41:56 WILD TIDES Do voka drát
19:37:48 ALYESKA Stones
19:32:27 CHELSEA WOLFE Vex
19:28:17 COM TRUISE Diffraction
19:15:47 WAREHOUSE Super Low
19:13:05 WOLF PARADE Call It A Ritual
19:00:19 B BOYS Energy
17:57:30 CORBU We Are Sound
17:50:39 PALMA VIOLETS English Tongue
17:44:55 LESS WIN Bury The Heart
17:41:58 TV ON THE RADIO Happy Idiot
17:35:30 BROKEN DC Summer Lawns
17:31:26 PHOENIX J-Boy
17:22:47 NE-HI The Times I'm Not There ft. Jamila Woods
17:11:58 SAILOR & I Leave the Light On
16:59:56 TREE TRUNKS You Say
16:52:32 ASAP TWELVYY Hop Out ft. ASAP Ferg
16:47:35 GIRLPOOL It Gets More Blue
16:42:47 GRIZZLY BEAR Three Rings
16:39:03 RADICAL MIRACLE The Glare We Ain't Used To
16:34:40 KRISTIN KONTROL X-Communicate