Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 15. května 2017

19:55:00 KHOIBA Stoke The Fire
19:51:00 MARK PRITCHARD Give It Your Choir (ft. Bibio)
19:46:00 FOREST SWORDS The Highest Flood
19:40:00 TOMÁŠ PALUCHA Homunkulus: Golem
19:37:00 KEDR LIVANSKIY Otvechai Za Slova (Keep Your Word)
19:33:00 FROKEDAL The Sign
19:29:00 JESCA HOOP Memories Are Now
19:24:00 LETO Past
19:20:00 CARLA DAL FORNO You Know What It's Like
19:15:00 JLIN Nyakinyua Rise
19:11:00 BABYFATHER Bubble
19:02:00 ROSTAM Gravity Don't Pull Me
19:00:00 LVSK Ice Convenient
18:56:00 GARDENS & VILLA Black Hills
18:53:00 PURITY RING Obedear
18:50:00 FROPLES Downstairs
18:32:00 GORILLAZ Hillbilly Man
18:20:00 THE THERMALS Here's Your Future
18:07:00 OSCAR Breaking My Phone
17:56:00 CULTS I Can Hardly Make You Mine
17:52:00 SURFER BLOOD Weird Shapes
17:47:00 NILS BECH Please Stay
17:43:00 DIZZCOCK Thugger
17:40:00 SWORDFISH Ghost Song
17:36:00 GOAT I Sing In Silence
17:21:00 MOON DIAGRAMS End Of Heartache
17:11:00 BOSSY LOVE Go Deeper
17:01:00 MO Drum
16:57:00 ANDY STOTT Butterflies
16:53:00 ATREY Valkyrie ft. Dana Jean Phoenix
16:48:00 REAL ESTATE White Light
16:44:00 SMALL BLACK Boys Life
16:38:00 LANA DEL REY Love
16:34:00 KVĚTY BÝT
16:30:00 FOALS Mountain At My Gates
16:26:00 DEERHUNTER Breaker
16:19:00 YACHT I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler
16:15:00 DJ EARL Smoking Reggie ft. MoonDoctor & OPN
16:10:00 GRIZZLY BEAR Three Rings
16:06:00 SHUNKAN The Pink Noise
16:03:00 NICE AS FUCK Door
15:58:00 NVMERI Art Of The Trial
15:54:00 NORTH HIGHLANDS Shade
15:48:00 JESSY LANZA It Means I Love You
15:45:00 GFOTY All The Love I Had
15:37:00 HAIM Want You Back
15:35:00 PEACH KELLI POP Plastic Love
15:30:00 WOLF ALICE Giant Peach
15:19:00 SUPERORGANISM It's All Good