Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 30. ledna 2017

19:57:00 FOXYGEN Shuggie
19:53:00 GOAT I Sing In Silence
19:50:00 ARIEL PINK Put Your Number In My Phone
19:39:00 FUTURE ISLANDS Seasons (Waiting on You)
19:35:00 SUSANNA Hole
19:31:00 ARTEFACT The Morigan
19:27:00 KURT VILE Pretty Pimpin
19:16:00 ROLE Když tě nikdo nevidí
19:05:00 LAFAWNDAH Tan
19:00:00 FIORDMOSS Madstone
17:58:00 TOMÁŠ PALUCHA Homunkulus: Golem
17:56:00 THE THERMALS Here's Your Future
17:47:00 CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH Down (Is Where I Want To Be)
17:43:00 FAKE PROBLEMS Can You Live With That?
17:30:00 SHY LUV Shock Horror
17:15:00 ANTHEMS No Health
17:01:00 GRRL PAL Dare
16:59:00 LIBERTAE Ethereal
16:56:00 ADAMN KILLA Commas
16:53:00 SCHOOLBOY Q Groovy Tony
16:46:00 SPEEDY ORTIZ Raising The Skate
16:42:00 KATARZIA Rozprávkar
16:38:00 MAI KINO The Waves
16:33:00 GANG GANG DANCE Mindkilla
16:28:00 DUTCH UNCLES Oh Yeah
16:24:00 BRASS BED I Am Just A Whisper
16:17:00 MECHATOK Day Lite
16:13:00 SVE Riot
16:10:00 JENS LEKMAN What's That Perfume That You Wear?
16:06:00 CC DUST New Ways
16:03:00 THE SHINS Name For You
15:57:00 EUGENE MCGUINNESS Fairlight
15:53:00 LA SERA I Need An Angel
15:50:00 RADICAL MIRACLE Every Once in a While
15:43:00 FLEX COP This Is Not Meth
15:40:00 CHEENA Lost My Way
15:36:00 SLOWDIVE Star Roving
15:30:00 SONDER Too Fast
15:26:00 FKA TWIGS Two Weeks
15:24:00 PEACH KELLI POP Plastic Love
15:15:00 REST IN HASTE Don't Play Dead
15:01:00 D.R.A.M. Cute
14:58:00 JESSY LANZA VV Violence
14:55:00 POINT POINT All This
14:51:00 CHLÖE HOWL No Strings
14:45:00 VEENA Dreamwalkers
14:41:00 GRIMES Genesis
14:37:00 MIGOS T-Shirt
14:32:00 LVL UP Hidden Driver