Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 27. ledna 2017

14:27:00 THE STREETS When You Wasn´t Famous
14:24:00 WILEY Can't Go Wrong
14:19:00 JAY SOM Turn Into
14:14:00 TALKING HEADS This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
14:12:00 REST IN HASTE Don't Play Dead
14:07:00 COM TRUISE Diffraction
14:03:00 EMPRESS OF Water Water
13:58:00 KORBEN DALLAS Pokušenia
13:54:00 CASE/LANG/VEIRS Best Kept Secret
13:51:00 KURT VILE Never Run Away
13:46:00 SONDRE LERCHE Bad Law
13:43:00 SARA ANGELICA Run
13:40:00 SIN COS TAN Love Sees No Colour
13:35:00 NICE AS FUCK Door
13:32:00 ARTEFACT The Morigan
13:28:00 REDINHO Jacuzzi
13:24:00 RAE MORRIS Skin
13:13:00 HALF WAIF Severed Logic
13:11:00 GOGGS She Got Harder
13:08:00 FOXYGEN Shuggie
13:03:00 BAKONGO Grind (Dreem Tran's edit)
13:00:00 SHAMIR On The Regular
12:55:00 KEVIN ABSTRACT Empty
12:51:00 DIRTY PROJECTORS Keep Your Name
12:47:00 PALE&COY Hibernate
12:42:00 RADIOHEAD Burn The Witch
12:40:00 THE SUN DAYS Don't Need To Be Them
12:34:00 HERBARIUM Šiškin Les (Dizzcock remix)
12:31:00 ZOOT WOMAN Coming Up for Air
12:26:00 CHAD VANGAALEN Leaning On Bells
12:22:00 THE COURTNEYS Tour
12:17:00 BOSSIE Tell It All
12:13:00 THE AVALANCHES Subways
12:09:00 MIGOS T-Shirt
12:04:00 PAVO PAVO Ran Ran Run
12:01:00 THE PARLOR The Surgeon's Knife
11:56:00 ZRNÍ Nekonečný valčík
11:52:00 LA SERA Running Wild
11:49:00 GIRLS IN HAWAII Misses
11:44:00 SOPHIE Lemonade
11:41:00 LAPSLEY Hurt Me
11:39:00 M.I.A. Swords
11:34:00 MOURN Silver Gold
11:31:00 DUTCH UNCLES Oh Yeah
11:26:00 CROOKED COLOURS Another Way
11:22:00 PEACHES Light In Places
11:13:00 THE THERMALS Born To Kill
11:09:00 SLOWDIVE Star Roving
11:05:00 TOVE LO Cool Girl