Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 7. října 2016

17:57:00 BRONCHO Class Historian
17:55:00 RAT COLUMNS Do You Remember Real Pain?
17:51:00 DNÉ Driving A Car While Listening To Bill Burr's Podcast
17:46:00 ANOHNI Drone Bomb Me
17:44:00 LAUNDERED SYRUP Edge Of The World
17:41:00 CYMBALS EAT GUITARS Have A Heart
17:36:00 CHVRCHES Leave A Trace
17:19:00 HOW TO DRESS WELL Anxious
17:09:00 PANÁČIK Román
17:00:00 RAYE I, U, Us
16:56:00 BASENJI Heirloom
16:52:00 CLIPPING Work Work ft. Cocc Pistol Cree
16:47:00 TENNIS Ladies Don't Play Guitar
16:43:00 DALEKKO Běžte, já vás doženu
16:40:00 THE WOMBATS Greek Tragedy
16:35:00 ANTHEMS No Health
16:31:00 THE WEEKND Starboy ft. Daft Punk
16:26:00 FROKEDAL The Sign
16:23:00 PALMA VIOLETS English Tongue
16:15:00 YUMI ZOUMA Short Truth
16:12:00 THE DO Lick My Wounds
16:08:00 NILS BECH Please Stay
16:05:00 ANGEL OLSEN Give It Up
16:02:00 KOVADLINA Ležatá úsečka
15:56:00 STEREOLAB Fluorescences
15:52:00 LA SERA Running Wild
15:49:00 LACE CURTAINS Police Brutality
15:43:00 THE KNIFE A Tooth For An Eye
15:40:00 POPCAAN Mi Unruly
15:36:00 PRETTY OLD SOUND In My Mind
15:32:00 CULLEN OMORI Cinnamon
15:26:00 BABYFATHER Bubble
15:15:00 THE PALMS Future Love (We All Make Mistakes)
15:11:00 ST. VINCENT Birth in Reverse
15:07:00 MERCHANDISE Lonesome Sound
15:03:00 NAO Girlfriend
15:00:00 ANNA WISE BitchSlut
14:57:00 ZHALA Aerobic Lambada
14:53:00 SINKANE How We Be
14:47:00 SLEAFORD MODS Face to Faces
14:45:00 LORRAINE Pitch/Roll/Yaw
14:42:00 DINOSAUR JR. Goin Down
14:38:00 LIV Wings Of Love
14:34:00 SANTIGOLD Banshee
14:30:00 EL EL Animal
14:27:00 BON IVER 10 d E A T h b R E a s T (Extended Version)
14:21:00 BELLE & SEBASTIAN The Party Line
14:18:00 SHAMIR On The Regular
14:16:00 MIDI LIDI Lux