Playlist stanice Wave dne čtvrtek 4. srpna 2016

19:57:00 WHITNEY No Matter Where We Go
19:54:00 KILL J Propaganda
19:51:00 VEENA Dreamwalkers
19:43:00 JULIA HOLTER In The Same Room
19:39:00 DERADOORIAN A Beautiful Woman
19:33:00 THE AVALANCHES Frontier Psychiatrist
19:29:00 JLIN Downtown
19:23:00 HRTL Seiche
19:20:00 NADIA NAIR Blow
19:15:00 SHEER MAG Can't Stop Fighting
19:11:00 WILD BEASTS Hooting Howling
19:04:00 CAMP COPE Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams
19:00:00 RUSTIE Attak ft. Danny Brown
17:55:00 JIMMY PÉ Vsezer ft. Ashley Abrman
17:52:00 SHURA Indecision
17:46:00 RAT COLUMNS Do You Remember Real Pain?
17:43:00 THE MARY ONETTES Ruins ft. Maria Usbeck
17:37:00 MAC MILLER Dang! ft. Anderson .Paak
17:31:00 PRINCE RAMA Your Life In The End
17:28:00 EVIAN CHRIST Salt Carousel
17:18:00 JAMILA WOODS VRY BLK ft. Noname
17:08:00 TOKYO POLICE CLUB Hot Tonight
16:58:00 RA RA RIOT Absolutely
16:56:00 GOGGS She Got Harder
16:54:00 BENT SHAPES Behead Yrself
16:50:00 DEATHS Company of Thieves
16:46:00 COMMUNIONS Don't Hold Anything Back
16:34:00 THUNDERCAT Them Changes
16:21:00 WLW8 No Turning Back
16:06:00 CARIBOU Our Love
16:02:00 BAD WAVE Extraordinary
15:55:00 CEO Whorehouse
15:51:00 TROYE SIVAN Happy Little Pill
15:47:00 LO/VE Mike Mabes
15:43:00 GANG OF FOUR Damaged Goods
15:38:00 GEMS w/o u
15:34:00 POSTILJONEN How Can Our Love Be Blind
15:29:00 ISLANDS Wave Forms
15:26:00 HOUPACÍ KONĚ Mapa
15:17:00 ENDGAME Felony Riddim
15:14:00 ASH KOOSHA Biutiful
15:09:00 HOW TO DRESS WELL Lost Youth / Lost You
15:04:00 LET'S EAT GRANDMA Sax In The City
15:00:00 ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER He Didn't Mention His Mother
14:56:00 JOHNNY FOREIGNER Don't, Just Don't
14:53:00 SUNDAYS ON CLARENDON ROAD Gravenhurst
14:42:00 PALMISTRY Beamer
14:38:00 SIN FANG Candyland ft. Jónsi