Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 19. července 2016

19:57:00 LAPSLEY Hurt Me
19:55:00 LOWER DENS To Die In L.A.
19:51:00 SUICIDE Ghost Rider
19:46:00 M.I.A. Borders
19:42:00 ANOHNI Drone Bomb Me
19:34:00 LET'S EAT GRANDMA Sax In The City
19:30:00 ZOLA JESUS Dangerous Days
19:14:00 AT BONA FIDE Strange Battle Tails
19:00:00 KIIARA Gold
18:59:00 FOUR TET She Moves She
17:55:00 MAUSI My Friend Has A Swimming Pool
17:51:00 ALLIE X Catch
17:47:00 HUNNY Cry For Me
17:42:00 YOHUNA Apart
17:39:00 JAY ARNER Like A Dracule
17:35:00 BORIS CARLOFF Days Go By
17:31:00 BATUK Call Me Naughty ft. Nandi Ndlovu
17:27:00 POPSTRANGERS Rats In The Palm Tree
17:25:00 TACOCAT I Hate The Weekend
17:14:00 BAT FOR LASHES In God's House
17:01:00 ANNA MEREDITH Taken
16:59:00 EX HEX Hot and Cold
16:56:00 SUUNS Up Past The Nursery
16:54:00 ZUBY NEHTY Kusy
16:32:00 POSTILJONEN How Can Our Love Be Blind
16:16:00 THE AVALANCHES Subways
16:03:00 JESSY LANZA It Means I Love You
15:57:00 DR. DRE Talk About It ft. King Mez & Justus
15:54:00 LITTLE DRAGON Klapp Klapp
15:50:00 BIPOLAR SUNSHINE Deckchairs On The Moon
15:45:00 ALEXANDRA SAVIOR Shades
15:41:00 PLACES 4AM
15:37:00 RADIOHEAD Burn The Witch
15:34:00 OLGA BELL Randomness
15:30:00 PALMISTRY Club Aso
15:26:00 SUNDAYS ON CLARENDON ROAD Gravenhurst
15:22:00 CULTS I Can Hardly Make You Mine
15:15:00 LIARS Mess On A Mission
15:12:00 AUTRE NE VEUT World War Pt. 2
15:08:00 ANGEL OLSEN Shut Up Kiss Me
15:05:00 SCHOOL '94 Common Sense
15:01:00 DIIV Dopamine
14:54:00 THE MANTLES Hate To See You Go
14:46:00 ORIENT Drown
14:44:00 CLAMS CASINO Blast
14:38:00 FEW BITS Anyone Else
14:35:00 PACINO Psí srdce
14:29:00 ABRA Crybaby
14:26:00 ENDGAME Felony Riddim