Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 5. července 2016

19:54:00 BATHS Ocean Death
19:50:00 VEENA Dreamwalkers
19:48:00 BURIAL Temple Sleeper
19:43:00 BATUK Call Me Naughty ft. Nandi Ndlovu
19:36:00 FRED MADISON Way
19:31:00 RIZZLA Iron Cages (feat. Odile Myrtil)
19:16:00 BAD WAVE Extraordinary
19:04:00 SZYMON Medusa
18:58:00 SEKUOIA Lamp In The Dark (ft. Kill J)
17:54:00 DOLDRUMS Jump Up
17:50:00 BENOIT & SERGIO Dancing Shoes (edit)
17:47:00 SHESNOTSCARED Virginity
17:42:00 ST. VINCENT Bad Believer
17:40:00 KOVADLINA Podlaha zůstala mastná
17:36:00 LEWIS DEL MAR Loud(y)
17:32:00 JUCE! Burning Up
17:27:00 ABRA Crybaby
17:17:00 DIVINE FITS Chained To Love
17:08:00 ALEXANDRA SAVIOR Shades
17:00:00 ICEAGE The Lord's Favorite
16:58:00 LAUNDERED SYRUP Edge Of The World
16:54:00 KVĚTY Město
16:51:00 LA SERA I Need An Angel
16:47:00 KASSASSIN STREET Yeah It's On
16:43:00 GRIMES Go ft. Blood Diamonds
16:39:00 YOUTH LAGOON The Knower
16:35:00 MICK JENKINS Jazz
16:33:00 RAT COLUMNS Do You Remember Real Pain?
16:29:00 NICE AS FUCK Door
16:24:00 SERPENTWITHFEET Flickering
16:21:00 JAMES BLAKE I Need A Forest Fire ft. Bon Iver
16:12:00 MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER Some Time Alone, Alone
16:07:00 FEW BITS Anyone Else
16:04:00 KILL J Propaganda
16:01:00 ZHU Cocaine Model
15:58:00 KIRIN J CALLINAN Victoria M
15:53:00 ATREY Triumph
15:49:00 ATMOSPHERE Kanye West
15:47:00 MADAME PEPPER #uaintluv ft. Hey!zeus
15:43:00 ARIEL PINK Put Your Number In My Phone
15:39:00 JOSEF SALVAT Open Season
15:36:00 KIIARA Gold
15:34:00 MOURN Evil Dead
15:29:00 HOUPACÍ KONĚ Účet (radio edit)
15:25:00 SASHA SIEM See Through
15:14:00 RUSTIE Slasherr
15:09:00 THE KNIFE A Tooth For An Eye
15:06:00 LET'S EAT GRANDMA Sax In The City