Playlist stanice Wave dne úterý 22. prosince 2015

17:56:00 VENEER Snobbish Heart
17:52:00 VELOUR MODULAR Struck
17:47:00 WHITE DENIM Just Dropped In
17:43:00 ORANGE JUICE Rip It Up
17:39:00 DOLDRUMS Anomaly
17:34:00 THE AVALANCHES Since I Left You
17:28:00 BUGMEN Ollie
17:18:00 BILAL Satellites
17:14:00 HOW TO DRESS WELL Repeat Pleasure
17:12:00 PRINCE RAMA Bahia
17:03:00 ARIEL PINK Put Your Number In My Phone
17:01:00 MISUN Eli Eli
16:51:00 RUSTIE Slasherr
16:48:00 SANTIGOLD Kicking Down Doors
16:43:00 I'M FROM BARCELONA Violins
16:39:00 SMITH WESTERNS Varsity
16:35:00 RW GRACE All The Friends I Lost
16:30:00 MODERAT Bad Kingdom
16:26:00 CARIBOU Melody Day
16:22:00 CHASTITY BELT Lydia
16:15:00 S-TYPE Billboard
16:11:00 BULP Moving On
16:06:00 QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE Make It Wit Chu
16:02:00 TY SEGALL BAND I Bought My Eyes
15:58:00 SHARON VAN ETTEN Just Like Blood
15:53:00 BLUR Go Out
15:49:00 LACE CURTAINS Bedroom Honesty
15:44:00 PHANTOM Over
15:40:00 ANDREA BALENCY You've Never Been Alone
15:36:00 THE HEAVY What Makes a Good Man
15:32:00 ARCTIC MONKEYS Do I Wanna Know
15:27:00 CROOKED COLOURS Another Way
15:25:00 THE XX Basic Space
15:17:00 OSCAR It's Christmas Again
15:14:00 SZYMON Medusa
15:10:00 NVMERI Scales
15:05:00 YUMI ZOUMA Alena
15:02:00 FRYARS Cool Like Me
14:57:00 MO XXX 88
14:53:00 BORIS CARLOFF Days Go By
14:49:00 WAVVES King of the Beach
14:45:00 LA ROUX Let Me Down Gently
14:41:00 BAY. WYF
14:36:00 GITS Open Mind
14:32:00 THE WALKMEN Heaven
14:29:00 THE STROKES You Only Live Once
14:25:00 MONOGEM Follow You
14:16:00 PUSHA T Crutches, Crosses, Caskets