Playlist stanice Wave dne pondělí 10. srpna 2015

17:58:00 GASLAMP KILLER Seven Years of Bad Luck For Fun ft. Dimlite
17:55:00 SOAP & SKIN Mawal Jamar
17:52:00 LUKÁŠ GRYGAR Babel
17:46:00 SONIC YOUTH Reena
17:42:00 DEPARTURES Pillars
17:38:00 NAČEVA Udržuj svou ledničku plnou
17:33:00 MS MR Bones
17:30:00 KILL J Propaganda
17:24:00 AMERICAN WRESTLERS I Can Do No Wrong
17:20:00 MY MORNING JACKET Holdin' On To Black Metal
17:09:00 SABELLA Loving Like This
17:05:00 TEST ICICLES Circle. Square. Triangle
17:03:00 YOU SAY PARTY! WE SAY DIE! Downtown Mayors Goodnight, Alley Kids Rule!
16:57:00 BLONDE SUMMER Slow Days Fast Company
16:54:00 FORT LEAN The Mall
16:51:00 BUTY Pes
16:45:00 PORTISHEAD Machine Gun
16:40:00 BJÖRK Human Behaviour
16:35:00 EYES ON FILM Waking Up Dead
16:31:00 FOALS Mountain At My Gates
16:25:00 CARLY RAE JEPSEN Warm Blood
16:22:00 DUNGEONESSE Drive You Crazy
16:13:00 LACE CURTAINS Bedroom Honesty
16:10:00 NORTH HIGHLANDS I’ll Do My Best
16:05:00 DAFT PUNK Get Lucky ft. Pharrell
16:02:00 ESCORT Barbarians
15:57:00 SOPHIE Lemonade
15:54:00 HENRIK THE ARTIST AND KOCHI BOY Friends Forever
15:50:00 PINK GLOVES Fading Stars
15:45:00 CHAINS OF LOVE Breaking My Heart
15:42:00 BOOKS OF LOVE Space Time
15:37:00 NAUZEA ORCHESTRA Ideální muž
15:29:00 NIKI & THE DOVE The Drummer
15:25:00 RADIOACTIVITY Silent
15:22:00 THE WOMBATS Greek Tragedy
15:14:00 PUBLIC ENEMY Give Peace A Damn
15:05:00 NEXT STOP ART A Hard Rains Gonna Fall
15:01:00 THE PROSTITUTES Heart Of Stone
14:55:00 TOSCA Boss On The Boat
14:52:00 DUHAN City Streets
14:48:00 DIRTY PICNIC View Through The Crystal
14:44:00 LA SERA Running Wild
14:40:00 CHIN UP CHIN UP This Harness Can´t Ride Anything
14:32:00 YUMI ZOUMA Song For Zoe & Gwen
14:27:00 SMALL BLACK Boys Life
14:23:00 WAVVES Way Too Much
14:21:00 THE THERMALS Here's Your Future
14:14:00 FLORRIE Seashells