Playlist stanice Wave dne pátek 17. července 2015

17:55:00 PZH Děti
17:51:00 oOoOO No Way Back (feat. Butterclock)
17:47:00 EERA White Water
17:43:00 SLK Be
17:40:00 COLORFACTORY It's Always You
17:35:00 KRISTA PAPISTA Modern Girlhood
17:31:00 FOR YOU KATRINA Never Tried
17:26:00 COIN It's Okay
17:21:00 SHUGO TOKUMARU La La Radio
17:13:00 CLASSIXX All You´re Waiting For ft. Nancy Whang
17:09:00 TYTHE Careless Woman
17:04:00 MONTREAL SEX MACHINE Blackout
17:01:00 FRANZ FERDINAND Ulysses
16:56:00 DJ FATTE Edison's Odyssey
16:53:00 BULP Far Light
16:49:00 MAPEI Don't Wait
16:42:00 RADIOHEAD There There
16:37:00 FRESH OUT OF THE BUS Philistines, Sheep and Squires
16:32:00 THE FAMILIAR World Ends
16:28:00 BAT FOR LASHES Daniel
16:25:00 BASS DRUM OF DEATH White Fright
16:21:00 LEWIS DEL MAR Loud(y)
16:12:00 ST. LUCIA September
16:09:00 BOSSY LOVE Go Deeper
16:05:00 THE FRESH & ONLYS Yes or No
16:01:00 TAPES 'N TAPES Insistor
15:56:00 MUNGO PARK Pilgrim
15:53:00 EAVES As Old As The Grave
15:49:00 KALLE My Lost Child
15:43:00 BIG BLACK DELTA Side Of The Road
15:39:00 COMPUTER MAGIC A Million Years
15:34:00 CHAD VANGAALEN Leaning On Bells
15:31:00 THE LIBERTINES Gunga Din
15:25:00 COBRA KILLER Goodtime Girl (feat. Jon Spencer)
15:22:00 GUIDO MÖBIUS All Around Me
15:19:00 NEŘVI MI DO UCHA Song 30
15:16:00 ASOBI SEKSU Me And Mary
15:11:00 YOUNG MAN Unfair
15:06:00 WOODKID Run Boy Run
15:03:00 LONDON GRAMMAR Wasting My Young Years (Kids Of The Apocalypse Remix)
14:57:00 ERIKA SPRING Hidden
14:54:00 ALICE COHEN Cascading Keys
14:50:00 PINK GLOVES Fading Stars
14:47:00 ANGEL OLSEN Forgiven/Forgotten
14:45:00 RADIOACTIVITY Silent
14:41:00 TENNIS Never Work For Free
14:38:00 THE POSTAL SERVICE A Tattered Line Of String
14:35:00 THE RUSSIAN FUTURISTS Let's Get Ready To Crumble
14:30:00 LABYRINTH EAR Humble Bones
14:26:00 CARDIGANS Rise and Shine