Playlist stanice Wave dne sobota 6. června 2015

17:56:00 MOONIC Silence
17:53:00 ČOKOVOKO Dredař
17:50:00 SKREAM Copy Cat ft. Kelis
17:41:00 HOUPACÍ KONĚ V noci
17:33:00 GRIMES REALiTi
17:29:00 SKY FERREIRA Everything Is Embarrassing
17:23:00 EZTV Trampoline
17:20:00 JIM O´ ROURKE Something Big
17:12:00 PRAGO UNION Hodinky s vodotryskem ft. Erika Fečová
17:08:00 FUTURE BROWN Talkin Bandz ft. Shawnna
17:05:00 IO ECHO When The Lillies Die
17:02:00 SPOON Rent I Pay
16:56:00 PULP After You
16:52:00 MATT & KIM Where You're Coming From
16:48:00 FUTURE ISLANDS Seasons (Waiting on You)
16:43:00 MANON MEURT Glowing Cityscape
16:40:00 ASOBI SEKSU Me And Mary
16:38:00 DIET CIG Scene Sick
16:33:00 ZOLA JESUS Compass
16:30:00 ELECTRIC WIRE HUSTLE Golden Ladder
16:25:00 TAME IMPALA Eventually
16:21:00 TANLINES Pieces
16:13:00 OPUS III It's A Fine Day
16:11:00 REAL LIES Seven Sisters
16:05:00 BLUR There Are Too Many Of Us
16:01:00 NO Leave The Door Wide Open
15:55:00 IYES Breathe
15:51:00 FM BELFAST DeLorean
15:47:00 ST. LUCIA Elevate (Great Good Fine Ok Remix)
15:42:00 JUNGLE Busy Earnin'
15:39:00 BLOOD ORANGE You're Not Good Enough ft. Samantha Urbani
15:36:00 CYMBALS EAT GUITARS Warning
15:32:00 TYYP Better Days
15:21:00 ILLE Holka ve tvý skříni
15:14:00 GOLD-BEARS Yeah, Tonight
15:11:00 MAYEN Phantom Pain
15:06:00 DUCKTAILS Headbanging In The Mirror
15:03:00 OSCAR Daffodil Days
14:58:00 TROYE SIVAN Happy Little Pill
14:53:00 MGDLN Likes Wine
14:49:00 CATCALL The World Is Ours
14:44:00 THE PARLOR The Surgeon's Knife
14:40:00 PANDA BEAR Mr Noah
14:37:00 BULLION What Does She Know
14:33:00 FLYTE False Alarm
14:29:00 CAT POWER Ruin
14:20:00 DELOREAN Spirit
14:15:00 JOHN TALABOT Destiny (feat. Pional)